20 Amazing Memes And Tweets About Trump's Ridiculous Transgender Military Ban

Transgender ban

On his favorite social media platform to rant on, Trump tweeted Wednesday that he would ban transgender people from serving in the military. His seemingly nonchalant declaration said that it was too costly for our military to pay for the "tremendous medical costs and disruption" of transgender soldiers. 

His quick decision to strip the rights of an entire group of people came as a way to resolve the issue of whether taxpayer money should be spent on gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy for transgender service members. Rather than just figure out that minor issue, he banned transgender people entirely. 

I can only imagine Trump sitting in the oval office like: 


But as of right now, Trump's stupid tweet is just that: a stupid tweet. 

The Navy said they are not discharging transgender sailors and they will continue to provide them with medical treatment, according to USA Today. Also, the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen. Joe Dunford sent out a memo Thursday that there will be no change in the current policy regarding transgender troops until the defense secretary — who is currently on vacation — receives direction from Trump. 

Currently, there may be as many as 6,600 transgender people on the military's active duty force, and obviously, people are pissed. 

Chelsea Manning, a transgender former United States Army intelligence analyst who was convicted in 2013 by court martial under the Espionage Act who was released in May by President Obama, wrote an essay for the New York Times saying that trans people are here to stay. 

"This is about bias and prejudice. This is about systemic discrimination. Like the integration of people of color and women in the past, this was a sign of progress that threatens the social order, and the president is reacting against that progress.

"But we will move forward. We will make sure that all trans people in the military, and all people outside the military after serving, receive the medical care they need. We will not back down."


Since the tweet was so unexpected, the White House and the Pentagon are unsure how to proceed. After the tweets were sent, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the following: 

“Implementation policy is going to be something that the White House and the Department of Defense have to work together to lawfully determine. And I would imagine the Department of Defense will be the lead on that.”

So while the entire world holds their breath to see if Trump will really reverse the policy on transgender soilders that evolved so significantly under President Obama, we've gathered the best memes and tweets that say everything you've been thinking. 


1. Trans people are braver in civilian life than most civilians. 

2. Honestly, Trump's priorities need some tweaking. 

3. Some SERIOUS tweaking. 

4. Transgender people have been kicking ass for so long, and this isn't going to stop them.

5. People are pouring over social media to make sure their trans sisters and brothers know they're supported.

6. No one is letting Trump forget that he dodged the draft multiple times.

7. Really??? 

8. I mean, he's probably happy we're not talking about Russia right now. 

9. Agree x 1,000,000. 

10. Chelsea Manning saying what everyone else is thinking. 

11. People are suggesting some new policies. 

12. Take this into consideration.

13. LOL.

14. Trump's behavior is so erratic is makes you wonder.  

15. "Certain conditions."

16. This will make you give a serious eye-roll. 

17. #NeverForget.

18. People are not letting Caitlyn Jenner forget her support of Trump.

19. And how it's totally backfired.

20. And again, this: