These 3 Zodiac Signs Turn You On With More Than Just Their Looks

Smokin' hot!

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You don’t often hear people calling something “hot” when it’s not about someone’s looks, unless you’re Paris Hilton using her iconic phrase, “that’s hot.”

But while you don’t have to use the word to only describe someone’s looks, it still usually means that someone is attractive or sexy.

And in all honesty, the type of people who can make anything look hot — like big brains, confidence that doesn’t cross the line into arrogance, and being themselves — are a rare breed.


Sure, there are times when I see someone who knows how to dress really well or is so strong they can probably bench press me, and think about how hot that is, but it’s really just an extension of their looks.

Not to say they aren’t still hot, but being able to have the whole package — looks, brains, and all — is different.


What’s more, when you get astrological signs like Leo, their whole world can revolve around their looks (sorry, but it’s true).

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Whereas other signs find being hot can be about how many books they have on their bookshelf or how easy make friends is for them.

Again, having looks isn’t bad in the slightest, but these other signs tend to intrigue people more.


And these hot zodiac signs are people you definitely want in your life.

Why? Because not only do they make you look better just by standing next to you (kidding), but they always seem to be teaching you something new. 

I personally like surrounding myself with people whom I can grow with.

Friends who can teach me deep things like how to be myself without fear and not-so-deep things like how to make dinner without burning the kitchen down.


So when you have these hot zodiac signs in your life, besides the fact that they should come with a "Caution: Hot" sign on them, you truly benefit from it.

They can help you crush your interview with confidence or even how to stop worrying about what others think of you, which, in my opinion, is what makes these three zodiac signs CRAZY hot (and not just because of their looks).

1ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

aries hottest zodiac astrology signs

You could call Aries hot for a lot of different reasons, but the main one is because of her confidence. The fact that she can make new friends in the bathroom at a club, tell you off if you do her wrong, and nail an interview for her dream job all in one breath (if that were ever a thing) is crazy attractive. Not only that, but her confidence is never arrogant or used to bring others down, which is even hotter. 

Aries loves being approachable and friendly, which makes it hard for people to get jealous of or even hate her. In addition to her confidence, being genuinely nice makes her that much hotter. 

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2VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

virgo hottest zodiac astrology signs

If anyone can make smart look hot, it's Virgo. Whether she's sharing something new she learned in class or teaching you how to do something (because she somehow knows everything), smart looks sexy on her. And it's not just her big brain that people go crazy for; she loves using her smarts to learn more about others so she can get to know them better. 

People often forget how hit being smart can be, so when they see it done so flawlessly on Virgo, they want to be more like her. No one does beauty AND brains like Virgo. 

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3AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius hottest zodiac astrology signs

Aquarius' uniqueness might translate into weirdness to some, but nothing is hotter than being totally yourself. Aquarius proves this because no matter what people think of her, she keeps doing whatever she wants. What's more, she knows that being unique means she's always unforgettable, which means she's always on someone's mind. 

In classic Aquarius fashion, she would rather choose to have a smokin' hot personality than physical appearance. But at the same time, when she's sporting a crazy hair color, trending unshaven armpits, and the like, she likes that she can still make different hot, no matter what that means. 

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