These 5 Zodiac Signs Brag About Everything (But We Love Them Anyway)

They just can't help it.

self centered zodiac signs

We all know someone who constantly brags. If they’re our friends, we kind of just let it happen a lot of the time. I mean, you can't knock a friend for gloating, because they want you to be excited right along with them, right?

But if their bragging gets too out of hand, it's definitely our job as BFF to knock them down a few pegs. You know ... to keep them grounded.

But normally we let them brag because they’ve just accomplished something huge, they're super confident, and we’re so proud to be there, right along with them for the ride.


If it’s a significant other who is bragging, we don't mind as much either because we think its cute how excited and confident they are about whatever they’re talking about. We're in love with everything they do and think they can do almost no wrong, (most of the time). 


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And if they’re bragging not to us, but to other people, we probably think it’s hot. Whatever they’re bragging about makes them seem hot and powerful and we’ve never been more in love with them than they are at that moment.

But just like with our friends, there are times when it's our job as their partner to keep them grounded. No one likes a brag, right?

And then sometimes’s WE are the ones bragging. Maybe we don't realize it because we’re just so excited about what's happening in our own lives and we feel like we have to tell everyone about it at least ten times.


But there’s no worse feeling than when you’re telling something to someone and they can finish the story for you.

Those times when you ask if you’ve mentioned this to them before and they slightly roll their eyes and say, "yeah ... maybe once or twice". OUCH. It’s not our fault (well, maybe.) We're just so excited about whatever was going on in our lives! Right?



But to be honest, bragging can get out of hand really fast for a lot of us. Heck, sometimes we even brag out of spite.

Don’t pretend you’re above it — for some reason all of us have had that instance when we feel like we need to prove how much better we are than someone else. Those times when we pull out our best stories ... and then embellish them a bit. Eek.

But if you look to astrology and to someone's horoscope, it's easy to see that there are a select few zodiac signs that brag about EVERYTHING. Whether it be about their new car or their hot boyfriend, these signs feel the need to be the best and prove it over and over and over. It’s just who they are. And some of them don't even realize when they're doing it.

So if you want to find out if YOU are one of the self centered zodiac signs that are prone to gloating more than the rest, read on below.

1Aries (March 21- April 19)

These Bragging Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Talking About Themselves

Aries lives for competitions and almost always comes in first, so she has a lot to brag about.

If she got a promotion at her job, you’ll be celebrating it for weeks. If her football team beat yours in the play-offs, you;’l be hearing about it until after the Super Bowl — even if her team didn't make it all the way.

A lot of the things she brags about she works hard for, so you cant blame her for wanting to celebrate herself. But sometimes she celebrates herself a little too much — and that's why her friends are there to keep her grounded.

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2Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

These Bragging Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Talking About Themselves

Taurus is a huge fan of material things and will always have the latest and greatest. So while she may not verbally be bragging about anything, you’ll notice when she places the newest iPhone on the table at lunch even though she just bought a new one six months ago when she cracked her screen.

And she always seems to be wearing the most extravagant outfits, but you only see her wear them once. You wonder how big her closet must be to fit all of those shirts.

And of course, she’ll always be inviting you over to her place so she can casually show-off her perfectly decorated home. But that's fine — because that means you’ll never be the one cleaning up a mess when guests leave!

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3Leo (July 23 - August 22)

These Bragging Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Talking About Themselves

Leo is ALWAYS that girl that has a story to go along with the conversation. She doesn’t exactly try to make it about herself, but she feels like she has some important input to the story.

‘One time when I was traveling I…’ or ‘There was this one time at school when me and my friends did this…’. It comes off as if she’s bragging but she really just thinks you’re be interested in hearing her stories.

Okay, maybe she is bragging a bit ... because she doesn't think you should be interested in her story, she pretty much knows she’s about to change your life with whatever comes out of her mouth.

She’s pretty self confident in that way.

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4Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

These Bragging Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Talking About Themselves

Sagittarius will say anything that comes to her mind, almost like she doesn't have a filter. And she’s totally okay with stealing the spotlight away from someone else when she realizes she has something bigger and better to share with the group.

But people can't help but be infatuated with what she has to share. So is she bragging? Yes. But, no one cares because she always has the most amazing stories.

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5Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

These Bragging Zodiac Signs Can't Stop Talking About Themselves

Capricorn is probably your smarty pants, know-it-all friend in the group. She is super smart and maybe even applied to a few Ivy leagues before settling on the best school her state has to offer this way she can brag about her great education, but also about how she made the smart choice of staying in state where the tuition was lower, ultimately saving her money.

And while you have plenty of fun times with her you know never to suggest a trivia night. She’ll probably always beat you to the buzzer and brag about how easy the questions were and she was barely challenge.

Of course, this is a different story if she’s on your team. In that case, bring it on.

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