12 Memes About Friday Guaranteed To Make You Ready For The Weekend

Memes About Friday

FriYay is always just right around the corner. It comes. It goes. Sometimes it creeps up on you and other times it cruises through like Ricky Bobby of Talladega Nights

But no matter how it comes we're always excited about its arrival because Friday means one thing and one thing only: the weekend  — a time to drink more and think less — drowning out your week's worth of sorrows, from work drama to petty drama.

We spend our entire week savoring the previous Friday and dreading every Monday, just to get by until the next Friday. Which really sucks, when you think about. We're not living in the moment because we're so miserable in our day-to-day grind. 

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Seriously, sometimes the only way to get through is to laugh, and I'm not lying when I say the only reason we're so fixated on the past is that we're not happy in the present, so we desire any and every distraction (preferably, the long ones that go by Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.)

But laugh now ... cry later, right — especially since that's not changing and I don't have the ability to change the world's misery. So today why not come together and share our misery for a good, laughable meme or two.

Yep, to ensure that you don't feel alone, we've rounded up these 12 funny memes about Friday that prove you aren't the only one already day dreaming about the next weekend before you can even get through the upcoming one. 

Chow On That

 Memes About Friday

Doing doughnuts through the office parking lot, and screaming this out the window is very freeing. You should try it, too.

Olympic Speed

 Memes About Friday

Running at Olympic speed to haul ass out of that tiny little cubicle before another email comes through.

Hey Good Lookin'

 Memes About Friday

Yep, it looks as sexy and as pleasant as Leo Decaprio as Gatsby. Who am I kidding? Leo is always sexy.


 Memes About Friday

It is, in fact, a religious experience to know Friday. 

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Praise Heem

 Memes About Friday

SEE! Religious. Experience.

Get Loose. Get Loud.

 Memes About Friday

What more can I say? I only gave you the loudest PSA.

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Leave the BS

 Memes About Friday

All I ask is that you don't kill my vibe on a Friday. That might not end so good for you.

Jumping for Joy

 Memes About Friday

Oh did I actually leap like that? I thought that only happened in my mind.

Wide Open

 Memes About Friday

We don't care that our face reeks of desperation for Friday. Just give it to me now. I need it now.

Oh Yeah

 Memes About Friday

What's It To You?

 Memes About Friday

Maybe they're happy because they can have a social life? Just playing Devil's Advocate. 


 Memes About Friday

Hey you, I see you. Don't be shy — c'mon out.