17 Best 'Despacito' Memes & Tweets To Share When You Can't Get The Song Out Of Your Head


Justin Bieber

Unless you've been living under some sort of Spotify-less rock this summer, you know the song "Despacito," like no other. 

The catchy song, sang by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, featuring Justin Bieber, reached the No. 1 spot on the charts in May — which hasn't happened to a Spanish song since "Macarena" in 1996. And thanks to the song's intense (and I mean intense) popularity, Daddy Yankee has become the No. 1 artist on Spotify, the first Latino artist to do so. 


The video for the summer jam has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube. The Bieber remix has been on Billboard's Hot 100 for eight weeks now, with no signs of stopping. But Justin Bieber's fans have had to defend their boy after a boycott (that couldn't even spell the word "boycott" right) took over Twitter July 10. But it's gonna take a lot more than a few annoyed tweeps to get us to stop jamming to this banger. 

Whether you can't stop screaming "DESPACITO" or if you're ready to throw your speaker out the window every time it comes on, we've got the best Despacito meme and tweet for you. 


When you love "Despacito" so much but you fell asleep in Spanish class. 

1. Why does this song make me hungry?

2. It really makes you realize all the Spanish words you know are food-related. (Ehem, burrito, burrito)


3. Mumbling the rest of the song lyrics until the one part comes on that you know you can belt. 

And you're a little more understanding about how Justin Bieber got all the words wrong

4. I mean, I get it.


5. When you realize that the meaning of Despacito is about sex. Well, that's a bummer. 

6. After you practice a few of the lines over and over again, SOMETIMES you get it right.


7. But still, we should give Justin a little break. 

When you couldn't stop playing "Despacito" even if you wanted to. 

7. It's kind of like Daddy Yankee put you under a spell or something.


8. Something happens to you when this song comes on. 

9. But you'll never say it as sexy as the Biebs. 


When you feel slightly guilty about not listening to the song until the Justin Bieber remix.

10. Yeah, I have no words. 

11. Like, we really need to make an effort to listen to more Spanish music.


12. Preferably songs without Justin Bieber in them. 

When you've heard the song on repeat a million times, and you're actually kinda done. 

13. It literally never stops playing.


14. No matter where you are, the lyrics find you.

When you realize the "Despacito" boycott is the pettiest/hilarious hashtag ever. 

15. This song isn't going anywhere.


16. This whole idea is ridiculous: Justin Bieber is trying to beat himself off of the charts!

17. Because Despacito will never die.