These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Voice Their Opinion (Whether Or Not You Asked For It)

Just so you know...

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We've all been in situations where we've tried to deal with something on our own, before somebody tries to give you unsolicited advice. Being an incredibly opinionated person myself, it's not always easy to know when somebody doesn't want to hear what you have to say.

But as that opinionated person, sometimes, I just can't help myself.



For those of you who can't relate, think of it this way: very opinionated people tend to think that they are being genuinely helpful when they share their opinion with somebody.

Naturally, this isn't always true, but like I said before, we can't always help ourselves. Being opinionated just comes with the package, especially if I'm also your best friend (just saying).

As for sharing my opinion with people who aren't my best friend, I usually think that I have something important to say (also, I like hearing myself talk).


But when all is said and done, I understand that when somebody gives you advice that you're not even looking for, it can be an invasion of privacy.

It can also be really freaking annoying.

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If you look to astrology and horoscopes for insight as to why some people just don't know when to shut it, it's easy to see which opinionated zodiac signs have, well, some issues in the talking department. There are honestly some of us who just want you to know — just in case you need it — exactly how we feel about just about everything.


So on behalf of these zodiac signs, we apologize for always butting in with our opinions, but don't count on us to stop anytime soon. You're welcome for the advice in advance. 

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

taurus opinionated zodiac sign

Taurus is, of course, as stubborn as a bull, so when she has an opinion, you better listen to it.

She doesn’t really care if you actually follow her advice or not, but she DOES care if you snub her attempts at trying to be helpful.

When Taurus has something to say, she will say – it doesn’t matter if it’s the right time or place to do so. Some people think she just likes to hear herself talk, but Taurus believes that she has something important to say.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

gemini opinionated zodiac sign

Gemini always has something to say and will absolutely say it, whether it’s tactful or not. Blame it on her need for constant communication or the fact that she thinks people want to know what she has to say (whether they say it or not), but Gemini loves to share her opinion.

It doesn’t often deter her when people say that they don’t need her advice, but Gemini doesn’t always listen.

This might be good in some situations, but Gemini definitely needs to work on her boundaries.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

aquarius opinionated zodiac sign

Aquarius likes to give her opinion because she feels that, out of all the signs, she has the most experience with things.

Even if she doesn’t actually know what she’s talking about, she’ll say what she has to say so that people know her stance on the subject.

Aquarius is VERY opinionated, so it’s sometimes better to just let her talk rather than tell her to stop. She isn’t as great with advice (since she’s still figuring everything out, too), but bring up a controversial topic and she’ll have an opinion about it.

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