5 Sleeping Positions That'll Bring You Two Closer Than EVER

Photo: Unsplash
best sleeping positions

By Nichole Fratangelo

Trying to connect with your significant other in the bedroom usually only brings one thing to mind: sex. But it turns out that sleep also has the power to make you more in touch with bae — especially when cuddled up together for (hopefully) seven-plus hours.

Read on for the best snuggling positions for you and your boo.

1. Spooning.

The big spoon/little spoon situation is perhaps the most popular, and with good reason. It allows both partners to stay in a comfortable position while still keeping super close. Now, if only we could settle who's the big and who's the little...

2. Legs intertwined.

If spooning isn't quite your thing, just having your limbs intertwined can bring you super close to your partner, too. 

3. Chest to chest.

Laying all up on your S/O may seem uncomfortable, but its a guaranteed way to connect without staring into each other's eyes.

4. Face to face.

...But if you are trying to connect on that deep, deep level, the eye connect is necessary. Start with a little pillow talk, and spend the night facing one another to wake up feeling in unison.

5. Backs touching.

This position may seem like a distant one, but studies show that back-to-back sleeping leaves couples "connected and secure in themselves" – aka, it leaves you feeling independent but also close to your partner at the same time.

This article was originally published at Latina. Reprinted with permission from the author.