The Kindness Rocks Project Is Spreading Good Vibes All Over The World

We could all use a little positivity right now.

The Kindness Rocks Project Is Empowering People To Spread Happiness And Optimism Everywhere Boston 25 News

Spread a little kindness today.

That is the main message behind The Kindness Rocks Project.


You've got a big week ahead of you. #thekindnessrocksproject

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The Kindness Rocks Project was created and founded by life coach Megan Murphy.


According to an interview with Scary Mommy, Megan explained that the project came to be after she found herself struggling to find happiness as a small business owner. She would go to the beach in the hopes of receiving inspiration and guidance from her parents, who she tragically lost when she was in her early 20's.

“Since they weren’t with me physically I would ask for little signs and messages in the form of heart-shaped rocks and pieces of sea glass,” she said.


“When I would find one, I would feel connected to something outside of myself.

She continued to say that later, "During a service trip to India with her daughter, Murphy was moved by the way tiny courtesies made her feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar country... She came back from her trip with the understanding that small acts of kindness could have a big impact."

One day as she was walking along the beach, Murphy decided to try using a Sharpie to write out short, encouraging messages on rocks, placed them in various locations along the beach and left.


Soon after, word spread about her inspirational rocks ... and the rest is history in the making.

According to Megan, the message is simple.

“One rock, one person,” she explained.“If a message hits a person at the right time, or they join and they do it in their community and they drop a message that hits somebody when they need it, it’s like a huge connection. It’s what our world needs right now.”


This inspirational movement is spreading all over the world and continues to grow and be shared every day.

Local cities have begun building their own Kindness Rocks groups, which anyone can join and take part in.


It always feels good to make someone else's day by helping them feel less insecure, more empowered and more optimistic.  

After all, you never know what someone is going through.

These little rocks are making a huge positive impact on people's lives — and heaven knows we could all use a little positivity right now.