10 Men Reveal The WORST Things They've Said To Their Wives In An Argument

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"I told her that her being a condescending bitch all the time is what made me cheat."

We’re all guilty of blurting out something terrible during an argument, whether or not it’s something we mean. Sometimes we spit poison just to burn our partner when we feel hurt, and other times, we unleash some deeply-buried truth about our feelings and the state of the relationship.

Either way, anger, fear, and the heat of the moment have a way of bringing out the worst in everyone and add to what couples fight about. We asked men to share the most terribly cringe-worthy thing they’ve ever said to their wives and... yikes.

1. I said she was acting like her mom.

"I had no idea that would be a catalyst for a disaster of biblical proportions, but holy sh*t…"

2. I told her she was the reason why I cheated.

"I told her that her 'being a condescending bitch all the time is not only what made me cheat, but it makes me continue considering to do it again.' And I knew it was f*cked up and I know I’m responsible for my actions, but she needed to know the issue wasn’t all one-sided. And I really wanted to just shut her up for a minute. We separated shortly afterward."

3. I said nobody cared what she looked like.

"We weren’t even arguing until that moment, but she was making us late getting ready for a thing with my friends and I yelled, 'Literally nobody gives a sh*t what you look like!' which I thought was going to be something to make her feel relief but, instead, she got all insulted that she wasn’t on any of my friends’ radars, which turned into a meltdown, which made us even later."

4. I tried to leave her.

"I started packing once and was in 'I’m leaving' mode, which was only f*cked up because I was trying to see if she’d care enough call my bluff. She didn’t and my dumbass spent the night in my car."

5. I said, "Oh, go f*ck yourself."

"I had never said that to anybody before, but in the moment, it felt really powerful and it just put a halt to the whole conversation. I haven’t done it again, but I wouldn’t say I regret it."

6. I insulted every single one of her friends.

"This was in one brief remark once when we were fighting. It was something like 'Why don’t you go cry about it to your clique of codependent, pill-popping drunkards?' Which they are! But now they have a hard evidence reason to keep telling her to leave me."

7. I told her we shouldn't be parents.

"Some context: We were having financial issues and fertility problems and the two fed into each other. I was tired of fighting about it and said that it was clear we shouldn’t be parents, specifically that this was more important to her for some reason than it was to me and maybe she was just trying too hard or something like that. I said it really angry and almost like an accusation, which wasn’t what I meant but I was tired and it just came out wrong. This was a case of saying something valid in the completely wrong way."

8. I cursed out her family.

"She tried some 'This is why my family hates you!' trip and I yelled back 'That’s because they’re all f*cking idiots with no lives!' It made the next Christmas really awkward."

9. I called her a stupid bitch.

"Actually, what I said was, 'You’re acting like all those stupid bitches you make fun of.'"

10. I called her a slut.

"During my divorce, I called my ex a whore in front of our lawyers. And I regret that only because she was being a slut — whores get paid. My apologies to any sex workers reading this right now."