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What 24 Hours In The Life Of A High-Class Escort Looks Like

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What 24 Hours In The Life Of A High-Class Escort Looks Like

By Daisy Cousens

When we think of the sex industry, the first images that come to mind for most of us tend to be streetwalkers, dingy brothels in back alleys, and emaciated women in fishnet stockings taking tips with empty eyes. After all, we’ve seen the images often enough in film; why wouldn’t we buy into it? I certainly did.

However, contrary to popular belief, as I learned after meeting Samantha X, this is simply not the case.

The sex industry is a booming and highly organized enterprise, populated by savvy businesswomen who wear Dolce and Gabbana, not ripped tights and sequined mini-skirts.

In addition, every practicality, including waxing, exercise, and diet, right down to regular testing for common STIs and general sexual health, is taken care of. High-class escort, owner of escort service Samantha X Angels and author of Hooked, Samantha X is the living, breathing embodiment of this.

Leaping from a high-powered career in journalism to an equally high-powered career in the ‘oldest profession’ seems like an inexplicable stretch, but that’s exactly what Samantha X did. Sick of disastrous dates with men who cared little for her on a base level, and tired of working nine to six in a job with little pay, she knew she needed to reinvent herself.

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“I wanted a job where I was the boss, I made lots more money, and above all, I had fun,” she states matter-of-factly.

“I interviewed some strippers years ago as a reporter and was expecting a group of junkie, washed-up women who couldn’t string a sentence together. What I met were women who were smart, educated, and saw nothing wrong with taking their clothes off for money. I see nothing wrong with what I do also; I was born to do what I am doing. Even at school, my friends used to tease me saying I would be a perfect madam. I was 15 then!”

The journo turned high-class escort also learned early on there was much more financial freedom in the sex industry.

“I went from $600 to $1000 an hour in six months. Much more lucrative than journalism!”

After speaking with Samantha, what struck me was how, well, normal she is; something we don’t tend to associate with the lives of escorts.

When she talks about the types of clients she receives, it’s like listing off a proverbial ‘to-do’ list for the day. Fat, slim, tall, short, rich, poor, businessmen, tradies, surgeons, politicians, celebrities, window cleaners, married, single, virgins, serial cheaters, religious guys; they’re all on her agenda.

“A doctor is usually more kinky; maybe from being desensitized to all the body parts they see,” she says.

“Lawyers have a great sense of humor and wit, and always have fascinating stories to tell. Tradies are regular guys who are actually very soft and sweet. Bankers are always under a lot of pressure and highly stressed.”

So how exactly does a high-class escort spend her day?

Samantha’s spilling her secrets in a tell-all event, ‘An Evening With Samantha X‘, set to lift the lid on what men really want in bed (I’m going and I’m pumped). But in the meantime, from the mouth of the courtesan herself, here’s a day in the life of a high-class escort, and trust me; the run down is seriously surprising…

A Day in the Life of Samantha X


I wake up with something warm and wet licking my face. My Rottweiler, Rosie, wants to go for a walk, so I pull on some trackies and off I plod, looking far from high class, let me tell you!


I can’t face food first thing in the morning, so my breakfast consists of two lattes and maybe an apple. I use this time to go through my phones. I say ‘phones’ because I have two. One is my personal phone, the other is my escort agency phone. More often than not, I have missed calls in the middle of the night from clients who want to see my Angels.

I don’t answer the phone after midnight. I don’t like sending my girls out after then. Escorting is safe if clients are vetted and girls aren’t being sent to private homes at 2am. I don’t care about losing bookings then. The safety and wellbeing of the women who work for me is more important.


It’s rush hour time, and I always smile when I see office workers running for buses or marching full steam ahead on the way to work. That used to be me! I absolutely love the fact I am my own boss and I work the hours I choose. At 41, I’m too old to be told what to do and where to be.


Not many clients make bookings before lunch, so morning is a good time to go through my emails. I receive so many emails from women all over the world who want me to mentor them, either to be high-class escorts or to help them feel empowered and sexy again.

With the help of my Virtual PA, I plan out my week, which will consist of mentoring women either face-to-face or over the phone, making bookings for my Angels and dealing with clients.

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I try and get to a yoga class at least twice a week. Escorting and dealing with clients and their woes can be emotionally draining sometimes and it’s good to spend an hour or so doing something for me, especially as a mother. The upside is also that Power Living yoga burns fat and has completely changed my body! Looking good is a vital part of this job. I don’t mean skinny or thin, I mean healthy and happy.

I’ve been told off a few times from clients when I’ve lost too much weight or look too skinny. Men don’t like that. They don’t like seeing bone. They love the soft folds of womanly flesh, of sexy curves. I used to hate my bum and thighs, but funnily enough, those are the parts I have had most compliments on! Men also aren’t as fixated on breast size as much as we think they are.


The calls are coming in now with clients wanting to book my Angels for the evening or next few days. It’s a time-consuming process; speaking to the client, finding out who he is, and what his needs are. Does he want tall and busty or petite and athletic? I have Angels from aged 24-61, all shapes and sizes, so there really is someone for everyone!

Once I get a client talking about himself, I know who I should send to him. My Angels always know a fair bit about the client too before they go to meet him, so they feel secure and empowered.


Dinner time! I’m like a nana and need to eat early. I rarely cook at home, unless it’s a week I have my kids, so I usually take myself off to a lovely little restaurant where they have delicious homely food like lentil stew.

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I’m back at home, with more emails and phone calls organizing dates.


I sit in bed with the laptop and phone. When you have your own business, it’s 24/7.


I am booked for an escort date. I don a classic dress with heels and meet the client in a bar for champagne.

Bookings go for varied lengths of time. You learn to manage an hour pretty well. Ten minutes of chit chat, five minutes in the shower, 15 minutes of more chat, 10 mins of intimacy, five minutes in the shower, and so on. Longer bookings are easier; dinner, drinks, so forth.

A good ice-breaker is a nice massage. Men like to be touched, not just sexually, but just touched by another human. Gentle physical affection is surprisingly important, I mean, you can even make a living out of just cuddling.

Regardless of whatever kinks a client might have, I’m rarely asked to bring anything with me on an escort date. Condoms, yes. Lube, sometimes. Massage oil, definitely. You’re not going to believe this, but I can’t remember the last time I used a sex toy!

But it’s not just about sex, or sex toys, or a quick tumble away from the public eye. Men don’t talk to each other, they don’t share like women do. So when the floodgates open with someone they feel comfortable with, in a non-judgmental environment, boy, do they talk! In a four-hour booking, for example, I would say talking would feature for most of it.


It’s lights out and off to sleep to start the day all over again.

The number one reason I think men see escorts is, in my experience, because their emotional and physical needs are not being met. The one thing they all have in common is that they have a need. A need for intimacy, and much, much more.

This article was originally posted in May 2017 and was updated with the latest information.

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