The Truth About What Happens When Someone Blows In Your Vagina

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Like an old rerun of Sex and the City, we're about to go where others simply have not.

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There are lots of ways to perform cunnilingus, and one of those ways also apparently has a track record that's as dangerous as it is sexy.

So, what's the grand question?

What happens when someone blows into your vagina while performing cunnilingus?

That's right! Blowing air into your lady's vagina during oral is apparently is a real turn on for lots of people. Who knew? And, believe it or not, the answer to the posed question is not always "an orgasm." In fact, it can actually be pretty terrible.

Now, full disclosure: I've never had anyone blow in my vagina, so I'm not sure if I'm inexperienced or just safe. That said, I can only imagine and help you to imagine how it works. Personally, it seems a bit like a Wet Willy — cold and unexpected. But, perhaps there's something sexy about watching as your partner performs oral and then sensually (the key?) blows their warm breath into your vagina.

But what I do know about it is this: It's been said that blowing air into the vagina can be fatal, as it supposedly causes an air embolism.


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Most recently, Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York medical examiner, brought the topic to our attention after citing that he had in fact seen cases of women dying after having air blown into their vagina during oral sex

However, we spoke with Women's Health Expert and gynecologist, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, to get down to the bottom of this mysterious topic and find out if the dangers were true. 

And she wouldn't exactly call it a "common" fatality, Shepherd says that yes, it really does happen. "It amounts to the frequency and the force that the air is delivered, but it's very rare," she said.

She went on to recommend that women and their partners refrain from blowing (well, vaginal blowing) shortly after childbirth, and in general, minimize this act of foreplay when possible. 

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"My recommendation," says Shepard, "is not to do so in a high frequency or shortly after giving birth — when you're more susceptible."

Pregnancy proves to be a far more dangerous time, as your blood vessels are more open and thus accessible to air bubbles blocking blood vessels and potentially causing a heart attack, stroke, or death, according to Cosmo

But, that's not to say that you can't be blown at all!

Just remember Dr. Shepherd's recommendations and be gentle when you blow; although that won't be hard because it seems that the real danger is if you've got the huffs and puffs of the big bad wolf. 

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