The Top 4 Surgeries Women Have To Get The 'Perfect' VAGINA (And What They Cost)

EVERY vagina is perfect, FYI.

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If it has to do with our bodies or the way we look, we fix it if we can. Come on, don’t tell me that you don’t wear makeup or style your hair in some way. I would honestly find it hard to believe that you’ve never tried to make your body look better in some sort of way.

We all do! OK, most of us (I haven’t met every single person in the world OK?) do. There’s no better way of proving this than to look at the beauty industry. It’s HUGE! And it’s raking in tons of cash — your cash included — every single day.


So, I didn’t find it too surprising that women have gone from makeup and hair dye to liposuction and Botox, to now, designer vaginas.

That’s right, even the most beautiful and sacred area of a woman’s body is now being judged by outrageous, Hollywood style standards. Do you want a perfect vagina? Do you even know what a perfect vagina is? I don’t.

But apparently, these top plastic surgeries are what women are turning to in order to make their vaginas looks more desirable than ever. In an interview with The Sun, Dr. Gabrielle Downey, a gynecologist for Healthista, explains this new phenomenon.


Downey says that these procedures can be life-changing, but should be approached with caution as any other surgery. While they are becoming more popular, they are not covered by health insurance and are extremely expensive.

While you might think that women are getting these surgeries solely for cosmetic reasons, a lot of it has to do with function as well. After having children, many women lose the ability to enjoy sex with their partners, and these surgeries help them come back from that.


Here are the top surgeries that women are turning to in order to get the perfect vagina:

1. Labiaplasty

This procedure is the most common. It involves the removal of extra labia tissue to stop the inner lips from hanging over the outer lips. This one is so popular because those with extra labial tissue can suffer from many painful issues. Often, the labia will get caught on their clothes, rub on their clothes, and get blistered and ulcerated because of it. Women also don’t like the way that it looks, so getting the surgery to even out the lips and reduce their size can be great for self-esteem.

The surgery takes between one and two hours and can be done under local or general anesthetic. Cuts are carefully made so that there is no visible scarring and dissolvable stitches are used. While there is some swelling and discomfort afterward, it typically takes only two weeks to subside.


Applying gels or taking oral painkillers is sufficient and most women can return to work after one week, resuming other activities after two or three weeks. Tampons shouldn’t be used for six weeks, and sex should be avoided for six weeks as well. The cost is between $2,250 to $3,800.

2. Vaginoplasty



In some women, their vaginas have poor strength, muscle tone and control. The perineum muscles can also be weak or supported poorly so that the vagina is not in optimal shape. Because of this, sexual pleasure is at risk.

While pelvic floor exercises can increase vaginal strength up to 70 percent, this doesn’t always work for all women, and these are the ones who often turn to vaginoplasty as a solution. Also, women who cough, laugh, and sneeze while simultaneously releasing urine are prime candidates for this type of procedure.

During laser vaginal rejuvenation, the procedure works to increase the number of frictional forces that are generated. It takes about an hour and the healing process is so quick that people can usually return to work in only a few days.

Performed in an outpatient setting, a wand-like instrument is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the production of collagen. It also increases blood flow so that more fluids are produced. It is relatively painless and usually needs to be done again the following year.


There are other techniques that can be done that involve a gynecological operation called a posterior and anterior repair. This involves the excess vaginal tissue being removed and the muscles returned back to a normal position.

The recovery for this is about four to six weeks. This procedure is known to be more precise but also more complicated with higher risks. The cost of the vaginoplasty is about $5,000 and the laser vaginal rejuvenation is about $1,900 to $3,800.

3. Perineoplasty

This area refers to the one between the back and front passage. It is quite common for this area to be stretched out during childbirth. Because of this, there is a loss of muscle tone and an overall gaping appearance. This can cause problems because it allows more air to get trapped in the vaginal entrance, making it difficult to control the bowels.


This procedure helps to restore the muscle in this area and is done in combination with vaginal surgery.  This can also be painful sometimes as the muscles are more prone to spasms. However, there will be increased sensation during penetration. The procedure costs between $1,900 to $3,800.

4. Mons Pubis Reduction



This procedure is not that common but it involves the reduction of the area that sits above the pubic bone. It’s most often done by a cosmetic surgeon rather than a gynecologist. This will reduce the fat in the area through liposuction. It costs around $1,900.

So, ladies, take a good look at the surgeries and then a good look at yourselves. You don’t NEED a designer vagina just to say that yours is the prettiest in the land. However, if you are suffering from pain or lack of sexual pleasure, it might be a good idea to talk to a qualified surgeon and see what your options are.