This INSANE New Exercise Trend Promises A Tighter Vagina & More Intense Orgasms

Ready to whip your vagina into shape? No, seriously.

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When getting into shape, we typically give very little thought to our nether regions. That's mostly because it's already hard enough to find the time to exercise my pudge without having to take the time to remember to fit a few vagina reps in my daily workout routine. However, they say those who do these

However, they say those who do these vaginal exercises can expect great things from their vagina. This practice can help strengthen the muscles of the vagina and their surrounding pelvic floor areas.


So, of course, there's Vaginal Kung Fu or vaginal weightlifting (for those of you who've mastered your kegels) — created with yours truly in mind (obviously).

While the practice can be traced back to ancient times, it's Doctor Lisa Masterson who recently brought it to the forefront through her blog, Health in Heels. 

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The exercise is like an extreme form of Kegels, and according to Masterson, these are way more effective than typical squeeze and release Kegel exercises



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She goes on to describe how to execute the exercise in the video:

"Once you’ve attached some weight, pop the egg inside, clench your muscles and stand still with your legs apart and your back upright and start to swing the pouch by thrusting your pelvis forward and backward to create a pendulum effect." 


As your vagina (pelvic floor) gets stronger, not only will you be able to do increased reps for increased time, but Masterson says it can lead to a more intense orgasm as well as controlling urinary incontinence and making labor a little easier for pregnant women.

However, until your pelvic floor is strong enough, it's recommended that you begin with 10-second reps and hold the weight in your hand in between reps. 

Why does this work? Well, Masterson wrote on her blog: 

"The moment there’s something inside [your vagina] the muscles will automatically grab onto it; the heavier the object, the harder the vaginal muscles have to work to hold it in."


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For those of you looking to get into vaginal body building, I'm confident that this is a step in the right direction.


(And I assure you that with the invention of vagina beauty pageants, vaginal body building competitions aren't that far-fetched.)