20 Hilariously Sad 'Divorce Cakes' To Celebrate The End Of A Bad Marriage

Photo: Instagram.com/kzbsc
divorce cakes

You had a cake when you got married, so why not have a cake when you divorce, too? Cake makes almost everything better and you probably will need the pick-me-up after days spent in the lawyer’s office.

Don’t worry about getting your revenge body just yet. Take a moment to breathe, wipe away the tears, and stuff your face with luscious divorce cakes.

Like all things trendy, the #divorcecake hashtag has delighted Instagram users, helping the idea to stick. So, if you want some inspiration for your own divorce cake, or just want a good laugh during your split, check out these 20 hilarious desserts that mark the end of a bad relationship.

1. I bet he wishes he would have done a little more around the house. 


2. When you can't find the key, divorce might be the best way to get rid of the old ball and chain.


3. I bet they're regretting all of the money they spent on that wedding


4. Freedom tastes as sweet as this cake does.


5. Yikes! It looks like he really messed up!


6. Hopefully, it never got to this point.


7. Let her eat cake!


8. It's simple, but it gets the point across.


9. This seems like it may be more exciting than the actual wedding cake!


10. This has a little bit of a Titanic vibe, huh?


11. To think that people spend SO much time trying to NOT be single.


12. Who knew that getting divorced would be such a party!?


13. Someone really must have messed up pretty bad. Also, I don't think I could bring myself to eat this one.


14. Was she always this crazy or did he drive her to be this way?


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15. And... BYE!


16. Well, isn't this one adorable?


17. Well, we know what she's up to tonight.


18. Wow, it was so bad that she wanted a whole new life. 


19. That poor Ken doll.


20. And the deed is done.


Maybe I'm a bit morbid, but these divorce cakes are pretty hilarious! Not only are the cakes themselves funny, but the fact that people spend so much time, money, and energy on their wedding days, just to get divorced is comical, too.

Please excuse me, I think I'm going to head to the bakery now.