Apparently, Women With These Names Make Better Wives, Says Ridiculous Study

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The Top 10 Names Of The 'Best Wives'

Oh boy, this study seems to be a big step backward in the feminist movement.

For some strange, odd, reason, the website, Siteopia, which sells domain names, surveyed 2,000 people to find out names of the best wives. The names are the most popular names for women considered to be the "best wives":

While the entire concept of this study makes absolutely no sense, they were able to come up with a list of the top 10:

  1. Katie
  2. Sophie
  3. Louise
  4. Sarah
  5. Emily
  6. Charlotte
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Amy
  9. Jessica
  10. Lucy

OK, so before you start freaking out that your name isn’t here, just take a second to think about this. The list and the survey? They don’t make ANY sense. I mean, the things that make a woman a "good wife" are subjective, completely left up to personal opinion. Also, let’s take a moment to realize that each of these names is mostly of the white, Anglo-Saxon variety.

Let’s just say that the whole thing didn’t go over too well with the public. Actually, people were kind of pissed at Siteopia.  But even bad press is good, I suppose.

However, it gets even worse. Not only is the site under fire for the list, but also for the way that they got their survey info.

When speaking of their little experiment, the site was quoted saying, “Every time we hear mention of a name, we naturally associate particular values or impressions based on our past experiences. It seems certain names tend to crop up more than others when thinking about the qualities of a good husband or wife, and the lists no doubt make interesting reading to many.”

They kind of make a point I guess, as many of the names on the list have deeper meanings that could be attributed to a good wife. For example, Sophie means wisdom and Katie means pure.

If your name isn’t on the list and you are worried if you’re destined to be a crappy housewife, don’t worry about it. This study is basically BS and maybe you don’t want to be a housewife anyway.

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