15 Memes Only The Chronically Single Will Understand


Why not laugh about it?

Social media has a weird way of making you feel lonely, while at times making you feel so understood at other times. 

On Facebook, everyone loves to humblebrag about life, and we spend a lot of time thinking they have their shit together and feeling a little shittier about our own shit.

That is ... until a meme goes viral.

It's those moments that we realize we're all in this shitstorm called life together. 

Memes are the one thing that makes you feel a little less alone and a little less crazy — because clearly there are others who share your views, emotions or thoughts. Plus, you get a damn good laugh out of them. 

And you can find memes for just about any and everything, including the growing frustration with being single — a personal favorite since I'm single and all

But, with so many of them around you've probably missed one or two, so we put together 12 of the best.

Looks easy enough ... but.

I know they say you're supposed to let love find you and all, but there's not even a sign pointing love in the right direction. So, how?  


Sight to See

Isn't he the dreamiest piece of nothing you've ever seen? 


Hey, you over there. Choose me. Love me. NOW.

Liar! Liar!

Wheeeeere? Just where is this information and who did they pay to lie?

How women work

Guilty party of one. Right here. 

Miss Independent is BS

They never told me being an "Independent woman" would be this haaaard. And still, it's only fun fro the hours of 9-5 after that it begins to 

Ambitious Christmas list

If no one wants to be on a sinking ship, why would they themselves want to be the sinking ship itself? It doesn't add up.

Maintaining standards

A constant struggle of which standards to relax and which ones must-stay.

Pretty kitty ... but not pleased.

Oh. Hell. NO. 

Just Know the Signs

Half the battle of being single is finding the right guy to entertain you. 

CrazycContained ... for now

It's a dating requirement to contain the crazy until just the rate moment, but it's especially a requirement for perpetually single girls. Keep the crazy on a leash.

PT lovers

This is how guys get you every time. Don't let it be you, girl — not this time.



A bit bitter

Because the only bae that loves me back is food.

Enough me for me

If I don't do it, then who else will? Or, the better question: how long will I be waiting?

Sinking ships

I want a failing ship about as much as I want to be on one.