13 Things Everyone Wonders Before Their First Kiss — ANSWERED!

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Questions Everyone Wonders Before Their First Kiss

The first time I tried to kiss a boy, I was just 4 years old, and it didn't end as well as I had hoped. I was in preschool, and the boy was someone I had shared a lot of memories with from crayon drawings to playing on the playground. 

He crawled beneath a table after we had our graduation performance. I took off my graduation cap and crawled beneath the table beside him. I could hear my mom look for me just as I leaned in to kiss him. Mid lip pucker, the table cloth was lifted and I was busted. Mission unfulfilled!

Fast forward, as a teenager, I had no idea how to kiss. Yet, I fell in puppy love with someone who claimed to love me, too. We talked about kissing long before we actually did kiss each other. And when it happened, it was an amazing experience full of butterflies, stars aligning, and memories of a lifetime. Thankfully, our first kiss was not a horror story.

The thing about kissing is that when it's your first kiss, it's tough to know what to expect. But the truth is no two kisses are the same, even with the same person! 

If you're still curious about kissing and want to learn more, here are 13 of the most common questions people ask about kissing for you to enjoy:

1. Where did kissing come from?


There are two ways that people think kissing started. One theory is that kissing was started by mothers who would chew food and then mouth feed it to their baby, but others think that kissing is just something that is natural and people do it instinctively. If you've ever been close to someone and got a tingly feeling in your stomach, or just couldn't stop staring at that person's lips as they talked, you probably would agree that it's a natural thing to do!

2. What does it mean if you dreamed of kissing someone that you haven't kissed yet?


It's normal for the mind to solve problems when you sleep. So, if you have feelings for someone and are curious about what it's like to be with them, then kissing in a dream can happen. Another reason a person can dream about kissing someone is that they are longing for intimacy. When you're curious, your mind works out what the experience would feel like. Since kissing is super intimate, dreams are a safe place to experiment when your subconscious mind kicks in.

3. At what point should you kiss in your relationship?


Your first kiss is something that only you should decide you want to do. There's no time limit or time frame where you have to kiss someone. Do it when it feels natural, and do it because you want to, that way it's something that you will enjoy and remember in a pleasant way.

4. Who should kiss who first?


There is no rule about who should be the first person to initiate a kiss. One person might have a need to feel in control, and they might want to be the one to kiss first. The other person might have a need to feel wanted, and so that person might be the one to wait. There are times in a relationship when power is exchanged and kissing is no different. So, who should kiss who first is something that has to be based upon how you feel inside. When you know, you'll know!

5. Is kissing important in relationships?


Kissing is important in relationships if it is important to both partners. There are some people in relationships who do not like kissing on the lips, but they will kiss on the forehead, or on the cheek. Of course, kissing allows you to get an experience with someone and know that person in a way that is special. You get the chance to taste their body, and they get to taste yours. You get to know how that person feels on the inside. But, the truth is those types of feelings might be uncomfortable, or even gross to some people. It's best to explore with your partner what kissing means to both of you and make a decision together. 

6. Is kissing good for you?


Anything that makes a person feel love is good for their health and kissing is no different. A first kiss is something that will likely bring you an adrenaline rush. The feeling of being in love is intoxicating. The fact that your relationship has changed and moved closer to a new level of intimacy connects you to something outside of yourself. All of these sensations are good for you, and a first kiss helps bring them into your life. 

7. Does kissing burn calories?


Although you aren't likely to drop a few pounds from a first kissing session, making out will definitely burn a few calories depending on how passionate and long you kiss. Your heart will pump harder, your mind will race, and you're likely to feel invigorated. Although kissing isn't the same as running a marathon, you can enjoy knowing that you are having fun while staying active for love.

8. Is kissing addictive?


If you are feeling super-connected to someone and kissing brings you closer, there's a good chance that you will feel a sense of strong attachment and want to kiss more often. A first kiss can also go bad. You might realize that you aren't feeling as deeply as you thought you were, and so the chances of wanting to do it again go down. 

9. Where do you put your lips?


This may just sound too simple, but where you put your lips will come naturally when you kiss for the first time. The lips have natural curves that fall together with another person's lips the moment they meet. Since kissing is meant to be playful, you might decide to move your lips one way and then change them around for another. You can decide not to press too hard against the person you're kissing and gently touch their lips or anywhere near their lips to slowly ease the tension to make for a more seductive kiss.

10. What do you do with your hands when you kiss?


When you first kiss someone there are lots of fun places to put your hands that are sexy yet respectful. You can use your hands to gently hold the back of your fellow kisser's neck. Or, you can caress their cheek while you are lightly kissing their lips. Sometimes kissers will just wrap their hands around the back of the person they are being close with and pull their body in tight. If you're unsure, it's not uncool or unromantic to talk about it before it happens. In fact, fantasizing together is sexy as hell!

11. How do you stop kissing if it doesn't feel right?


No one wants to be disappointed when you've imagined kissing someone and then when it happens it's not what you hoped it would be. Maybe you were intending to just pop kiss but things turned into a french kiss and you're not ready. It's okay to just gently pull away. You can end with a kiss on the forehead or on the cheek. Sometimes a long hug is fine, too. But you don't need to feel any pressure to go further than what's comfortable to you. 

12. Can you catch a disease from kissing?

Any situation where bodily fluids are there is a chance to catch something from kissing, even if it's just your first kiss. But you have to be with someone who is infected. Some diseases that can be caught from kissing are herpes virus (you know, like cold sores), meningitis, and mononucleosis, also known as the Kissing Disease.

13. How does kissing taste?


People worry about kissing and the way they may taste or smell, but if you take good care of your oral hygiene there's probably nothing to worry about. Some people like to play with flavored lip glosses or mints. But it's not necessary! What's important is feeling super comfortable and having fun.

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