11 Things You Do That Make Your Vagina Smell & Taste Bad

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vagina smells bad

Not going to lie, I've spent endless hours Googling to see what my vagina should smell like and the best answer I've gotten is metallic.

It's a bald-faced lie when they try to convince you that your vagina should smell like absolutely nothing, so don't be fooled.

However, I can also think of countless times where I've scurried into panic mode in order to figure out what the not-so-metallicy smell is down there. I went into a (now hilarious) downward spiral the first time I had a yeast infection, but mostly because I spent the day on search engines discovering all the things that could be wrong.

As you can imagine Google's number one answer will almost always send you into a helpless ball of fear. 

So, we're not here to help you self-diagnosis but to instead give you a better idea of all the other things that could be throwing your vagina scent off. And, here are 11 of the very best answers. 

1. Forgetting to pee after sex

To be honest, this rule is actually the worst since it can sort of ruin the post-sex mood. But it's a major must-do!

While you don't have to jump out the sack (as I've been frantically doing), it's important that you do so — not peeing after sex can lead to Urinary Tract Infections, which in addition to a raunchy odor, can be super painful and even slightly embarrassing (if it's causing you to pee your pants. Also me.) 

2. Using soap


I repeat: Do not use soap on your vagina.

Now, before you side eye a whole into my head think anatomically for a moment — we use the term vagina so loosely that we forget that it's not the exterior. So, yes, feel free to still wash the are around your vagina and just avoid what's in between the labia (you know, the lips).

Apparently, the inside is self-cleaning or something like that. Ehhh. 

2. Eating veggies

Yes, your clean eating might not taste or smell so clean.

But, no worries, these are the vegetables you have to put on your shit list if you plan on getting laid: Garlic, broccoli, and asparagus. Although curry isn't a vegetable per se, it is an herb and it also creates a stink. 

4. Too much boozing

Obvi, we just can't win ladies. 

Drinking throws off the pH of your vagina in the same way that certain vegetables can. 

5. Smoking cigarettes

You remember that D.A.R.E. commercial that swore kissing a smoker wasn't fun because it tasted like you were licking an ashtray? Well, that's your vag if you're a smoker. According to Elite Daily, your vagina can get "ashtray breath." 

6. Breaking sweats

Maybe you just finished an intense workout, maybe you're just shopping for groceries. But, instead of little beads of sweat dripping from your forehead — you've been blessed with vag sweat.

Unfortunately, vagina sweat can be more difficult because according to Women's Health Magazine that area never truly gets a chance to breathe throughout the day "so the area stays wet and occluded" — creating a cozy environment for not only funkiness, but also yeast and thus yeast infections. 

7. Losing shit! 

Forgetting a tampon up there will definitely do it. Or, a condom. Yep, losing a condom in your vagina would definitely make things a little rank.

8. Eating red meat

I'm really down for cutting red meat out of my diet, but I guess I may have to reconsider .... OK .... no.  

According to Buzzfeed, red meat affects the vagina's pH by cutting the acidity and possibly changing the smell.  In the same article, another expert said that within two hours you may reek of the meat you just ate. Ick.

9. Wearing tight clothing

The jury is still out on this one, as some believe it may be myth. But for quite some time it has been said that wearing tight clothing that doesn't allow your vagina to breath can lead to a fun-filled-yeasty. So with summer approaching resist the urge to dig out those daisy dukes and skip the skinny jeans ... if you can.

10. Not getting checked for sexually transmitted Infections

The most obvious answer? Sexually transmitted diseases. This probably should've been first on my list, right?

11. Getting frisky with someone new 

While Bacterial Vaginosis is not an STI, it is one of the most common bacterial infections contracted by women of all ages. The exact cause of BV hasn't been narrowed down to any one thing, but it has been said that new or multiple sex partners could lead to this fishy-smelling imbalance of the good and bad bacteria.

Sometimes BV treats itself, but for the most part you should go and see a doctor if the symptoms are there.