This Creepy Korean 'Horse' Exercise Is Basically Dry-Humping On Steroids

Photo: youtube
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Oh, Asia, you’re back at it again with some truly crazy sh*t. It never seems to amaze me what these countries come out with. I mean, have you seen the fake camel toe that is trending in Japan?

Fashion is not at the forefront of this little number, though — getting in shape is. Have you ever had a friend who rode horses as a hobby? I have, and she was totally in shape. She rode her horse every day and was slim and toned, most of which she attributed to the riding.

It turns out, horseback riding is actually quite the workout, and while not everyone has the money or space for a real horse, most people can manage to get the Ace Power Home Equestrian System.

Oh man, your mind is probably whirling with images of what these weird exercises could be, but none of them could be as amazing as this contraption actually is.

Coming straight from South Korea, the Ace Power essentially looks like a bicycle seat on stable legs. It allows you to set it up right in your living room, sit down on the seat and start grinding away, just like you would on a horse.

Aside from the disturbing pelvic thrusting that can be seen in its promotional video, the seat allows you to squat and perform lunges, too. Apparently, it’s great for the entire family, as the video shows good ole mom and dad getting their grind on with huge smiles pinned across their faces.

With the bicycle seat poking perfectly out beyond the groin, the thing looks a whole lot like a strap-on, and, if you didn’t know better, you might think that grandma was getting a little frisky in the living room. But maybe that’s just my interpretation.

Alas, it’s just another great way for people to get into that horse rider kind of shape without leaving their living room.