Men Who Look At Boobs Live Longer, Says Study

In that case, men should practically be immortal at this point.

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It seems kind of obvious: A life we enjoy is one we may want to keep living. But is it one that we actually will keep living? Maybe.

UK publication The Sun recently engaged in some research to find the keys to longevity, and their advice culminated with: “stare at boobs.” For real.

They cited a 2012 study published by Teachers College, Columbia University, which was titled "Positive Attitude Can Benefit Patients with Chronic Disease," which linked emotional health to physical health.



This study confirms others like it which say that mindset plays an important part in perspective and thus one's ability to be happy, healthy and successful.

"Perspective and thinking are foundational for how you feel about yourself and your life and determine the amount of happiness you can experience. Our brains are like computers with tapes playing out, and these thought patterns are the basis of how we interpret and experience life.


If you're letting the programs operate on autopilot, you can let outdated negative messages take over and miss out on the joys that can be found all around you throughout the day. Also, because the brain continuously reprograms itself through images, shifting your thoughts to moments that have brought you happiness can also be a powerful resource for improving your attitude," says Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert and sexpert.

The study suggested to guys: “As you go through your day, notice small things that make you feel good and take a moment to enjoy them.” For example, boobs. Looking at boobs will make them feel good, and that positive feeling will make them ultimately healthier.

So, as women is it our civic duty to keep these guys feeling good by flashing our boobs at them whenever prompted? Um... not really.



Just because something makes you happy and is therefore considered to be good for you and even boost longevity doesn't mean that it's acceptable to do.

"Staring at a woman's boobs might make you happy, and therefore could lengthen the length and quality of your life, doesn't mean that a guy can go around leering at every woman's boobs for the sake of their health. Just like chocolate and wine may be proven to be healthy, it doesn't mean that you should indulge at all times, especially if you want to keep your healthy waistline," says dating expert Laurel House.

So what should a man do about maintaining his health through viewing boobs? It's who's boobs we are talking about — his girlfriend's to be specific.

"More than staring at his girlfriend's boobs all day, he needs to talk to her about it so that she doesn't think her only value is physical. She needs to know that she is loved, appreciated, and honored for the total package that she is, not just for her body. And then, if she's OK with it — and more than that, if she is flattered by it — then he can stare and get happy and healthy all he wants!" says House.


And, by the way, then she can stare at his abs, butt, arms, or whatever gives her pleasure and therefore enhances her health, too.