Are Nerdy Guys Your Type? You Probably Have THIS Sexual Preference

Photo: Unsplash

Smarts > looks.

By Hilary White

Does discussing books turn you on a little bit (or, perhaps, a lot)? Do you prefer talking nerdy to talking dirty? If your partner hasn't read Ulysses, is that a dealbreaker?

Well, you may identify as sapiosexual.

In short, a person who is sapiosexual is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

While intelligence is generally a natural and common factor in human attraction, the sapiosexual concept takes that attraction to a new level. It's not just a "bonus" in a potential partner — it's a requirement. It's not just "sexy" — it's the ultimate turn-on.


As many have pointed out, however, sapiosexual isn't, by definition, an actual sexual orientation, which refers to sexual attraction based on gender. Rather, it's a (very strong) sexual preference that goes beyond just "being into" smart people.

Sapiosexual is a way people express their desire for, and attraction to, intelligent people. However, it's also a misrepresentation of the term sexual orientation (and maybe a fancy way of being pretentious without coming right out and saying it?). Take the buzzword with a grain of salt (a.k.a, it's not an actual orientation but rather a way to basically say, "if you're smart, let's f*ck)" — but, we get it.

Smart (whatever your definition of that may be) is indeed sexy.


If you find yourself lusting after minds instead of bodies and philosophical debates are your favorite kind of foreplay, then you will relate to the sapiosexuals out there.


And naturally, the internet has taken this concept, and run (rampant) with it.


And there's even a song.


This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.