5 LOVE Mantras For EVERY Single Mom (In Honor Of Single Parents Day)

You deserve love, too!

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You’re a single mom.

And you’re also a woman who is feeling the pangs for companionship, the desire to be desired, and the craving to be touched by someone who isn’t your child.

More than that, you don’t want to feel alone anymore and you want a partner in all that life has to offer.

But before you dive headfirst into the dating pool, you need to be really honest with yourself.

Are you ready?

A good way to figure that out is to see if you can confidently say the following statements:


1. “I accept and own my single mom status!”


This is not your fairytale.

You never wanted to be a single mom. But you are, and you have come to terms with it, accepted it, and you’re ok with it.

You’re not proud, and you’re also not jaded. You are able to be confidently vulnerable about the reality. Because this is your fairytale truth.



2. “I am comfortable being alone”

You don’t feel like you should be out doing things, aren’t ashamed of going to bed at 8pm because you are seriously exhausted, and you don’t feel the need to be attached to your phone so cyber friends can keep you company.

However, you don’t want to get too comfortable being alone and lose the urge to date again. You won’t let yourself get into the jaded mindset of: “I have my child, career and social network, so why go through the motions just to fall for another guy who needs my energy, time and in the end may break my heart?”

It’s ok to become bored but not jaded.

3. “You cannot complete me because I’m already whole”



This is something that I call “sticky”- you are a complete, interesting, magnetic, intriguing, alluring, memorable person and you leave others wanting MORE!

You are Perfectly Imperfect, and Real… because that’s what makes you Love-able.

4.“I know that being a mom makes me MORE desirable, not less.”


You have a child and that’s a great thing, not a pain point!

You are now instilled with traits that are essential for mommy’ing, and are also surprisingly desirable characteristics as a partner.

You are strong, know what you want and need, aren’t playing games, are a nurturer and caregiver, know how to have fun, are organized, you know how to give to others, and you know how to truly love.   

5. “YES! I am a mom, and I am a WOMAN first.”



Yes you are mom.

And you're also a woman. Don't forget that. What do you need to do to feel like it?

Start taking care of and putting effort into yourself again.

Take a bubble bath- with candles in the corners, go to the gym and feel sexy as you sweat, buy yourself a new lacy bra, just do SOMETHING that makes you feel like a hot woman (in addition to a hot mama). Nurture yourself! Buy yourself a present! BE the priority.


Show yourself love. You deserve it.