The VERY Unusual Role Cate Blanchett's Vagina Plays In Her Life

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Cate Blanchett
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Say what?!

Her compass comes from down under! 

Two-time Academy Award winner actress Cate Blanchett recently made an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and things took an interesting and hilarious turn when Colbert brought up the idea of a moral compass — to which Cate responded that her moral compass is in her vagina

Watch for yourself below:

In the interview, Colbert asks, "Cate Blanchett, what is your moral compass? Where does kindness and humanity sit in a brutal world? Because those are important questions right now,”

Blanchett, in classic deadpan style, responded, "In my vagina" — leaving Colbert and the audience at a loss for words. 

Blanchett didn't explain her further and honestly, she didn't need to.

As this article from Vanity Fair beautifully states, "If only all morality was as clear-cut as Blanchett’s utter certainty in the virtue of her vagina; well, philosophy would be even more dead than the returns on that liberal arts degree."

We love the idea of your vagina as the arbiter for all things good and bad — is it really much different that guys thinking with their penis?

Blanchett made her appearance on Colbert's show to discuss her latest project — her starring role in The Present in New York City, her first Broadway play.

She also made it a point to discuss photos taken while on the set of her upcoming film Ocean’s 8, which features all-female cast — a first in the Ocean's franchise.

Blanchett *lightheartedly* joked that the reason Ocean’s 8 will never measure up to Ocean’s 11 numerically is because “There’s only eight women working in Hollywood.”

Blanchett has never been shy to speak her mind and voice her opinions, so we wouldn't expect anything less!