Scott Disick Just Made SHOCKING New Confession About Why He Cheats On Kourtney

Photo: DailyMail
Scott Disick is a sex addict

The troubled 33-year old, Scott Disick has just admitted that he’s a sex addict on the trailer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Season 13.

During the show, the family takes a vacation in Costa Rica, and Scott is caught sneaking another girl into his hotel room.

Shots of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick looking lovingly at each other by the pool and Scott’s claim that, “she’s the love of my life,” suggest that things are going well but all is not as it seems.

During the show’s teaser, Kim’s voice can be heard in the background saying, "Scott brought a girl out here." Kim can also be heard telling Scott that, "You're just like a f*cking whore!"

While Scott seems like he is trying to defend himself during the whole ordeal, he screams out that, "I'm a sex addict!"

Wow. Things just got real.

Later on in the trailer, Kourtney is seen telling Scott that "It's just never going to work out."

This doesn’t seem all too surprising if we look back on how the two met. Apparently, Girls Gone Wild Joe Francis introduced the two at a party in his home back in 2006. Disick is notorious for his love of partying and has been caught texting other women in the past.

The couple has broken up multiple times over Disick’s sketchy behavior around other women, including photographs of him snuggling up to models and ex-girlfriends.

The whole trailer exudes juicy drama as Kim Kardashian is seen crying, talking about being robbed in Paris and surrounded by her family who all seems to be a little uptight about the cost of fame.

It seems that this new season is going to pack quite a punch, and I’m sure that everyone is excited to see how Kourtney and Scott’s relationship will handle his claim of sex addiction.