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OMG! This Actress Accidentally Flashed Her Vagina On The Oscars Red Carpet

Photo: Publinews
Blanca Blanco Oscars Vagina Photo

It wouldn’t be an awards ceremony unless there’s a wardrobe malfunction. At tonight’s 89th Annual Academy Awards, we didn’t have to wait long for one!

While on the red carpet, actress Blanca Blanco wore a stunning yellow gown that was cinched around her waist with a metal belt. Her beautiful puffy sleeves SHOULD have been the main focus, however, it turned out to be the dress’ very high slit.

The cameras weren’t the only thing flashing on that red carpet! Every time Blanca Blanco turned to strut her stuff, she gave a sneak peek at her vagina. Yes, ladies and gentleman, we saw her ladybits, and she was definitely going commando!


The actress, best known for her movies Teen Star Academy and Showgirls 2, probably didn’t expect to make such a splash, but alas, this is live TV and Hollywood. You know how it goes!

Unfortunately, Blanca Blanco has already made E!’s Worst Dressed List, and the Oscars aren’t even over!

But this stuff happens all the time.

The lovely Chrissy Teigen even had one of her own fashion faux pas at the American Music Awards last year.

Is she upset about it? NO! And neither should you, you, or YOU!

Seriously, people, shouldn’t we be a little more adult about these things?

Actors in Hollywood, ESPECIALLY women, are so pressured into making sure everything is perfect. And even when they do look absolutely dazzling in a gown that costs more than your mortgage, we still have to nit pick.

Ladies, we all have a vagina. Seeing one on TV may seem exciting but really, is it? Go in the bathroom, take a mirror, and lay yourself down and look. It’s all the same.

Instead of making people feel bad about themselves, maybe we should be all, “GIRL POWER!”