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These Masks Allow People To Smell Each Other During Virtual Sex

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These Masks Allow People To Smell Each Other During Virtual Sex

Oh technology, you are so smart, innovative ... and now, super-kinky! Virtual sex is creeping up on the porn industry pretty fast and if you haven’t heard of it, I think you might be living under a rock.

Seriously, though, because of our obsession with technology, porn has gotten to a whole new level, making viewers feel like they are actually there. With

Virtual sex is here to stay and now other companies are jumping on the train to try and improve it while earning a whole lot of money at the same time.

Recently, a company called CamSoda announced their decision to make a new addition to virtual porn: OhRoma. This gas mask-looking contraption will allow users to smell sexual aromas like panties and private parts.

Photo Credit: camsoda.com

These aphrodisiacs and sensual smells will infiltrate the nostrils of people watching X-rated films through their VR headsets. Taking the whole experience to the next level, CamSoda’s president, Daron Lundeen, feels confident that it will enhance the whole experience for users.

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I mean, science has proved time and time again how important smells are to us for remembering things and spiking emotions. And while many people having real-life sex may have never noticed, smells are a huge part of the experience.

"Virtual reality figures play a pivotal role in 2017 and we wanted to enhance the experience for our fans by introducing OhRoma which now allows users to smell what they are seeing and hearing. Quite simply, OhRoma takes the virtual reality experience to the next level. It's unlike anything anyone has ever experienced before, delivering a heightened sensation of pure unadulterated ecstasy, allowing them to completely immerse themselves in the experience," Lundeen said.

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Photo Credit: camsoda.com

The scents have actually been packaged into cartridges that are inserted inside the mask. They are heated and then released through small holes during the virtual reality experience. It actually is controlled via smartphone which connects to Bluetooth and allows users to select their own scents.

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With these new masks on the markets, virtual sex has gotten a lot more real.

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