This Shocking Exercise Class Requires Everyone To Be TOTALLY Nude

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This puts naked yoga to shame.

Britain certainly has some interesting ways of getting people out of the house, and a surprising amount of these ideas include getting nude in front of other people. The newest fitness trend coming out of the UK is no less astonishing.

For only £8 ($10 US), exercise enthusiasts can go to a “gentle boot-camp style exercise with partner games and teamwork” and be as naked as the day they were born while they do it, too.

Just recently, ten people decided to give the naked exercise regimen a try and cast their cares — and their clothes — to the wind.

The class’s personal trainer, Helen Smith, is a former recruitment consultant. She gave them a series of exercises, like circuit-style workouts that included jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, and partner work.

All of those sound fine... until you realize that all of these people are going to have a lot more than just their arms flailing around while they’re jumping and sweating.

The exercise choices are great for people of all ages, and the first ten participants ranged in age from 33 to 77 years old. Helen, a member of the group British Naturism, thinks that being naked while exercising will help them focus directly on the workouts.

“The main benefit of exercising naked is that you can really see what the instructor is doing in the exercises,” she said. “For example, if you are doing a plank but wearing baggy exercise clothes, it is hard to tell if you have the correct form or not.”

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While this is true to some extent, it seems that closer-fitting clothes would help this problem more than just airing out all your private parts while you work out. But then again, she also believes that working out in the nude will help eliminate the need to wash sweaty gym clothes and that it’s also a “great way to celebrate the body.”

While the participants are completely nude, they are allowed to wear shoes to protect their feet from injury.

In order to keep the practice safe, since it would appear that Helen’s class is the first to offer this unconventional program, all participants are required to email her to register and have to provide photo ID before they start their first session. These are serious exercise classes and there is no room for any person who would attempt to make something crass or sexual out of their time there.

“Nothing untoward happens in these classes,” Helen says. “If there was any hint of that, then the person responsible would be asked to leave.”