Straight Women Explain Why They LOVE Watching Lesbian Porn

Um, yes please!

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If you happen to be hanging out on the internet reading statistics about lesbian porn (like I do) then you've probably noticed something super interesting. 

Most straight women love watching lesbian porn

So, what's the deal? 

Are all straight women just one viewing of an attractive vagina away from being gay as all get out?

Uh,  no. 

That is not how sexuality works. 

Sad but true. 



While sexuality IS indeed a spectrum (you know, like a rainbow, complete with frolicking unicorns) having secret lesbian longings isn't why most straight women watch lesbian porn. 

Here's my theory:

Straight women like to watch lesbian sex because it's easier to lose themselves in the images of two women focusing on each other's bodies and the act of giving and receiving pleasure. Even if that lesbian porn isn't super realistic.

Sure, having a man in a porn is all well and good, but let's be real. 

A man in porn isn't there to focus on a woman's pleasure. 

He's there to focus on acrobatics, and to display his (usually terrifyingly vein-covered and large) porn penis. 


Even in those porn videos labeled stuff like "women's choice" or "for her", when there are men they tend to be pulling ridiculous orgasm faces and vamping for the camera. 

When two women have sex there is much more focus on a woman's body and the sensual side of sex, you know, that hot, lingering, pleasure rather than pump pump aaaaaaaand scene. 

I was curious to hear what straight women who love lesbian porn had to say, so I asked a few! 

Anonymously, of course! 

What do you like about watching lesbian porn?

  • "Because guys in porn always seem so dominating and like it's all about them."
  • "I like how lesbian porn caters to what women enjoy most about sex. We want foreplay, good oral sex, and something that doesn't center around a man having an orgasm first."
  • "Lesbian porn is relatable - even though their bodies usually don't resemble mine as a large, hairy-bushed woman, they do in some ways. Their bodies move in ways mine could, and they are pleasured in ways mine could be. And like any porn - and I will say I don't like straight porn or male gay porn - it's about an alternate reality, a fantasy, perhaps possibilities."
  • "The intensity."
  • "It's often softer than mainstream heterosexual porn, not all about penetration, the set ups are sexier, more intimate, more engaging, and bdsm lesbian porn is a lot more intimate and sexy...I enjoy imagining myself as the woman being pleasured in a lot of porn, and it often just seems much sexier and more indulgent when it's lesbian porn."
  • "It's hot to watch :)"
  • "The gentleness and tenderness."
  • "I enjoy the effort that's placed into the characters and props in scenes and movies. I also noticed lesbian scenes tend to be directed by women as well. It seems there are varieties of scenes available to cater to different interests (toys, no toys, etc.)"
  • "The focus on oral."

I'm a bisexual woman, but even before I identified as one I almost exclusively looked at lesbian porn. 


For me, watching lesbian porn (good lesbian porn, not that noise where the girls just lick each other's face and have ridiculously long and stabby fingernails) wasn't just about how the women looked, it was about figuring out my own body too.


Say what you will, but even the most dedicated Casanova type of dude doesn't know how to touch a woman the way another does.


So if you identify as straight and are in some sort of panicked state thinking that your passion for lesbian porn must mean that you are a lesbian, settle your poor addled head and horny vagina down.

It's beyond common for straight women to check out lesbian porn. 

Heck, if anything, it's less common for women to be like "Oh yeah, this jacked dude is gonna be giving it to this one broad, I need to bookmark this." 

Contrary to popular conception, the porn you watch doesn't always speak to your sexual preferences in real life.