11 Steps To Make Sure You Rock Your Day – EVERY Day

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Empower Self-Esteem

Empowerment is huge. It’s that thing that pushes us forward and allows us to muster up the courage to follow our dreams.

While most people seem to know what it is, it seems that not too many are entirely clear on how empowerment is had.

Being empowered is a state in which you feel good about yourself, your life and what you can accomplish. The feeling, to put it concisely, is fantastic — and the best part about it is that you can empower yourself.


Don’t put this on your “to do” list because life is WAY too short and if you can feel fantastic every day, why wouldn’t you want to? With these 11 little daily practices, you can start feeling empowered on the reg. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

1. Start your day with some positive affirmations.


Affirmations are the things that you tell yourself every day. They are powerful and can work either for or against you. Luckily, you have control over the affirmations you give so make sure to keep them positive.

Wake up each morning and tell yourself, “I can do it.” “Today will be a great day.” “I will get everything done on my list.”

Wash all of that negative crap out of your mind.

2. Really take the time to appreciate yourself.


You work hard and you are probably harder on yourself than you would be on anyone else. Take some time to show yourself a little appreciation for all of the work you do.

Buy yourself the chocolate bar once and a while and don’t hesitate when you want to end the night off with a glass or two of wine.

3. Learn something new.


A huge part of being empowered is being educated. Do whatever it takes to learn something new every day.

Learning a new skill online could give you more job opportunities, taking a course in cooking can help you prepare your own healthy meals.

Whatever it is, learn something that will help you gain independence; you will thank yourself every day that you put your knowledge to good use.

4. Forgive yourself.


Everybody makes mistakes and you are going to make them too. The silly fight you started with your boyfriend, the phone calls from your mom that you ignored; don’t let them get to you.

Always look your mistakes in the face and learn something from them, then forgive yourself so that you can move on and put those lessons into action.

5. Take responsibility for yourself and what happens to you.


The sooner you figure out that everything in your life is a direct result of yourself, the better. Start taking responsibility for your actions, especially the ones that are holding you back.

Just because your boyfriend always keeps junk food in the house, doesn’t mean that it’s his fault that you can’t lose weight.

It’s not the credit card company’s fault that you’re in debt and it’s not your parents’ fault that you have commitment issues. Take responsibility for your actions and you will start to see them change for the better.

6. Pump yourself up with some positive self-talk.


Talk to yourself the way you would talk to others (unless you are a complete asshole, then…you should probably evaluate your life.)

Instead of telling yourself, “you can’t do it, you aren’t smart enough, you are too fat, you just aren’t cut out for this.” Tell yourself positive things instead.

Talk yourself up in order to help you gain the confidence that you need to get things done. If you aren’t your own biggest fan, who will be?

7. Surround yourself with good people.


Get rid of toxic people. Anyone who doesn’t support you, make you feel good, want what’s best for you and offer you honesty; it’s time to kick them to the curb.

You don’t need them constantly bringing you down. Find the people who make you feel good and make sure to hang out with or talk to them at least once a day.

8. Do something that makes you feel good about your appearance.


When we look good, we feel good so make sure to do something every day that makes you love the way you look.

If you need to take a 30-minute jog, a yoga class or head to the gym to feel good about your body, do it. If all it takes is a little bit of lipstick, an outfit that you absolutely love or a cute hairstyle, do that too.

When you look good, you will feel more confident and capable of going after your goals.

9. Know when to say NO.


Don’t let everyone else dictate your life for you. Even if you are trying to be a good friend, employee or family member, sometimes it’s better to just say no.

No one can do it all so instead of trying to have coffee with your grandmother in the morning, have a drink with your friend to listen to their latest problem or volunteer to stay late at work, focus on the things that will get you closer to the things that are important to you.

10. Do something that scares you.         


Fear is one of the number one things that makes people feel disempowered. It can drain your confidence immediately and leave you feeling crippled in life altogether.

Do something that scares you every single day and you may find yourself shocked by what you can do. Go to the bar alone and start chatting with people, take the train into the city and navigate around or grab a complicated recipe and dominate it for dinner.

After you finish doing that thing that scared you, you will feel more powerful than ever.

11. PRETEND to have confidence.


Fake it until you make it. It’s advice that’s been around for decades and probably one of the best rules to live by. If you aren’t confident in whatever venture you are pursuing, just put a smile on your face and act like you know what you’re doing.

Sure, it’s going to be scary at first but once you pretend to be confident for a while, you really will become that.