Men Who Swapped Wives Ended Up Liking Their New Partners Way More

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Men Who Swapped Wives Ended Up Liking Their New Partners Way More

The thought of being able to swap a partner and exchange them (at least temporarily) for a new model is kind of an intriguing idea, and one that plenty of married spouses have probably considered at least once when they’re mid-argument over something stupid.

But there was a reality series by FYI that aired from 2015-2018 called the Seven Year Switch. This show gave people the opportunity to actually live this fantasy out, at least for a little while.

But for Aaron and Heather and Tony and Liliya, they decided to try harder to make their original relationships work.

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Aaron and Heather swapped partners with Tony and Liliya.

However, given the fact that at least two of the show’s contestant couples have actually admitted that they would prefer life with their “new” spouse, things may not have worked out for the best.

Add to that the upheaval of another switched pair actually considering the possibility of developing feelings for one another, and you have an interesting mix, to say the least.

While Aaron and Heather ended up swapping partners with Tony and Liliya on the premiere of Seven Year Switch, they hadn’t expected to enjoy it quite so much. And in a bizarre twist of events, both husbands actually revealed that they feel a budding connection to their “new” wives.

According to Aaron, his “experimental spouse” has a number of traits that he wishes his current wife had, including drive, ambition, and a passion for her career.

These are very important to him since he runs his own business and admires people who throw themselves into their work. They both wish their own partners had the same level of ambition.

“We want them to be that kind of driven because they could be really, really good at whatever they point that energy into,” says Aaron.

However, their spouses were on the opposite end of the spectrum, feeling good about their temporary marital situations because suddenly, the appreciation and validation they’ve been seeking is being recognized.

While Aaron and Liliya discuss how their spouses’ ambitions aren’t high enough, their spouses spend their time bonding over how unappreciated they feel in their marriages. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to figure out that they may not be wrong, either.

Heather, who works three jobs, also does all of the cooking and cleaning in her relationship. And Tony, her spouse for the duration of the show, is a student who also handles all of the domestic issues while his wife Liliya is at work.

So, as Aaron and Liliya discuss how their spouses lack drive for competitive jobs, their spouses enjoy a home-cooked meal and spoil each other with the appreciation and attention they’ve been so desperate for in their own relationships.

Does this spell trouble in paradise for these couples? It seems that it might, actually.

“Being with Heather is definitely different from being with Liliya,” Aaron confesses. “Sometimes it does cross my mind [to question] if Liliya was the right person for me.”

The couples featured in the show clearly have some issues that they need to work out between themselves, and whether or not it’s advised to share those problems with strange “spouses” is yet to be seen.

This show might be great for people to realize just how perfect their spouse is for them, or it might be the kick in the pants they need to get rid of the person dragging them down.

Either way, these contestants should be careful or the Seven Year Switch might end up being permanent.

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Did the original couples stay together after the show?

Both Aaron and Heather and Tony and Liliya decided to stay together. They learned so much about their own relationships as they were apart.

Aaron and Heather returned to each other after the show was over, and they were determined to make their relationship work. They learned so much and realized things they appreciate about each other. He vowed to put more effort into their relationship, and she learned that she needs to assert herself more than she was.

If they incorporate all that they have learned about themselves and relationships during this reality show, they will live a happy life together forever.

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