The 5 Things You Do That Keep You From Following Your Dreams

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5 Ways You Hold Yourself Back From Following Your Dreams

We all have dreams — and not just the kind that go on when we are sleeping. Whether it’s regarding your career, relationship goals or educational achievements, dreams are something that even the least ambitious of us have.

They mean something different to everyone, and while some people just like to fantasize about them to get through math class, others are plotting and planning ways to make them come true.

While dreams can be a huge source of inspiration and happiness, they can also work against people as well.

They can often seem unachievable and scary, and sometimes they serve as a reminder for things that people wish they would act on but don’t. Or they can be tiny little windows into all of the actions you should take but are too lazy to.

Whether you like to admit it or not, your dreams are inherently yours and you have the power to make all of them come true.

OK, it sounds a little cliché, but fulfilling your dreams isn’t a far-flung idea. In fact, the reason that you haven’t achieved them yet may actually be because you are holding yourself back.

If dreams are yours to make come true, you are also capable of holding yourself back in a way that will cause you to never achieve them.

Wondering why you haven’t fulfilled your dreams yet? Here are 5 things that you do that are holding you back:

1. You care too much about what other people think.

Caring about what other people think is one of the biggest ways put a hold on your dreams. When you worry about others opinions of you, it is easier to go along with what society deems acceptable for your life and career.

Since getting a 9-5 seems more practical than your dreams of hitchhiking around the country, you settle for that option so that no one will question your life choices.

Likewise, if you are so wrapped up in what others think about you, you are far more likely to avoid anything that may cause you to fail, be embarrassed or look bad. Unfortunately for you, making dreams come true involves taking risks, failing epically and on some occasions, embarrassing the hell out of yourself.

If you let go of concerns over what other people think, you will find the freedom to actually go after the things you want in life.

2. You're super indecisive.

Making life decisions is tough for anyone. With so much weighing on our daily choices, it can be extremely scary to make big decisions on your own. Sometimes it’s easier to just avoid making decisions and choices that could propel your life forward and move you closer to your dreams.

Avoiding decision making all together can make you feel comfortable but will never help you achieve your goals.

Starting a business, picking a college major, deciding whether or not to take a trip, none of these things can happen if you are too indecisive to  act on them.

Start giving yourself a specific time frame to make decisions in and don’t be scared of making the wrong one. Use the power of the internet, do some research and a little bit of soul searching to help you make more decisions that could change your life for the better.

3. You treat yo'self way too often (and for no reason).

In the age of the YOLO, it seems that people are treating themselves way too often. Sure, I’m a big fan of having fun, living life to the fullest and doing the things that you love. However, sometimes, we need to be strict with ourselves and have a little bit of self-control in order to achieve the bigger picture.

Spending a huge sum of your money on eating out, buying bottles of wine and going on yet another vacation can inhibit your life goals in more ways than one.

Treating yourself all of the time, even when you don’t deserve it will only give you the idea that you should get what you want even when you didn’t work for it.

You will work less and start to train your brain that it’s OK to hardly work because you will still treat yourself regardless. Have some discipline with yourself because while you may not enjoy every moment of life, the benefits you will reap from the hard work you put in will be much better than that weekly glass of wine.

4. You're scared you might fail.

Is a baby scared of trying to walk because they think that they’ll fall down? NOPE! Babies are notorious for wobbling around, falling over and banging their heads on things until they figure out the skill of walking.

Failing is part of life and some of the biggest names in business and the world’s most successful people tell tales of failing massively before they made it big.

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors in the world and you only got to know him through the roles he was successful in securing. What people don’t see is all of the times he probably failed auditions and didn’t get jobs.

By being persistent and accepting that you WILL fail, you can eventually get to where you want to be.

Don’t be embarrassed to fail, just give yourself credit for trying in the first place and even more credit for continuing to pick yourself up and keep going until you succeed.

5. You don't spend enough time alone.

While extroverts have typically been rewarded by society for being able to easily have conversation and charm potential employers and partners, introverts actually have some advantages of their own.

Being comfortable with spending time alone is an absolute asset to a person’s personality because alone time is when the magic happens.

Many times, in order to reach goals and be successful, the hard work has to happen alone. Closing yourself off in your room while you learn a new skill, read helpful books or study for an exam can be what allows you to succeed.

Also, you will be willing to take more risks, travel to follow opportunities and get used to being in charge of your own destiny.

Are you holding yourself back from your dreams? It’s time to start being accountable for your future and living the life that you want.