5 Signs You MIGHT Be Polysexual Or Pansexual (You Lucky Girl!)

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When you hear the word pansexual you probably imagine a little centaur man playing a pan pipe. 

...or perhaps that's just me?

Let's be real — it's just me. 


What does pansexual and polysexual mean really? 

It means that you are one of those lucky people who eats every single ice cream flavor. Metaphorically. Because what we're talking about here are love, sex and attraction. 

But back to the ice cream. Some of us might turn our noses up at pistachio, but you ask for seconds.


When eating Neopolitan ice cream, others leave the vanilla, but you aren't satisfied unless you've gotten to try it all.

Now, replace all of that ice cream with people, their genders, and their sexual orientations. 

What do terms like pansexual and polysexual mean?

It means you like it all, male, female, other or both. 

If you've ever scanned a room full of people and found yourself wondering whether or not you fit into this category, here are 5 signs you might be pansexual or polysexual. 

1. You 'ship everything and basically everyone. 



It doesn't matter what the show is, or the gender of the characters, you are desperate for them to make with the sex. (That's what it means to 'ship something/someone!)

Watching The Walking Dead every time Shane tried to kill Rick you probably whispered "kiss him" at the screen. 

You simply don't feel the standard "boy meets girl" binary the way others might. 

2. You never understood a reason for the Greek system in college. 



In college everyone you knew was either rushing a sorority or a fraternity. 

You were conflicted, not because you were too cool to go Greek, but because you didn't get why there wasn't one massive all-inclusive Greek organization.

These were the people who invented the orgy, for pete's sake! 

3. You love bodies 

You basically can't go to museums anymore because you'll definitely get a clitoral boner just staring at all the sculptures.

Who needs arms with a rack like that, amiright? 

Be it boobs or a penis your heart (and your vagina) what it NOW. 

4. You have very specific birthday requests 



"What do you want for your birthday?"

"To have sex with several men and women together and then separate and then maybe together again."



"Mom, what's wrong?"

"I was thinking like, body wash? Maybe? Slippers?" 

So yes, you get the gist. Your love/lust/attraction meter isn't aimed at just one gender.

And it's pretty cool. Lucky you!