7 Super Romantic Love Stories From Real-Life LGBT Couples

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Prepare to “awwww.”

There are few things more spiritually nourishing than a good love story.

When you hear two people gleefully describe the impossible circumstances surrounding how they met and fell in love… it makes your spirit soar. It makes you believe that the universe might not actually be as cruel as it often seems.

These kind of love stories are doubly important for those in the LGBT community.

They’re not only beautiful and inspiring and lovely, but they also let other LGBT people know that love is out there, no matter how you identify or what your sexual orientation is.

We’re ever going to get straight people, gay people, transgender people, lesbians, and every other sexual identity to identify with each other, love stories might be the perfect way to accomplish that.

Because falling in love is a universal experience.

To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, “love is love is love.”

If you want to make your heart swell in your chest today, take a look at these 7 painfully romantic love stories that real LGBT couples shared on Reddit.

Some are simple, some are elaborate, but they will all remind you that love is out there and waiting for everyone in the world. We just need to find it.

1. Sometimes you just need to ask…


I was eyeing her at the Lex and when I saw her leave, I followed her outside and she was just standing there.

I said, "What are you waiting for?" because she looked like she was waiting for a friend or a cab, but she said, "A cigarette."

I got her one, as she extended her arm I saw she had a triforce tattoo. It's been three and a half years, and we're engaged.

(SOURCE: Reddit/spacetimesix)

2. You need two to tango.


The first time I kissed my husband-to-be was at a ball, after a tango. We had been friends for about a year, and the idea of being more had never crossed my mind.

We were both in the friend-zone, because we had been in relationships when we'd met. Mine fizzled out six months before the ball, and his boyfriend, although very attractive, turned out to be kind of unstable.

So there we were, elegantly dressed in suits and ties (among tuxedos and ball gowns), in a historic ballroom from out of an old French castle.

He leads me in a tango. When it's finished, we pause, look into each other's eyes, everything changes and we kiss on the ballroom floor. A bit more passionately than decorum allows...

...but less than two years later, we're as married as the law allows.

OK, admittedly, we went home together that night (and stayed together since), but I assure you that's exceptional for ballroom dance :) I'm just telling of a very romantic moment at the start.

(SOURCE: Reddit/Tinfoild)

3. Three can make very good company


They were a cute couple on OKCupid looking for casual sexy friendship. I messaged them both, got tea with them at a Tealuxe that, it turns out, was far away for all of us.

Then we found out we were a ten minute walk away from each other.

One thing led to another, we connected really well and quickly, became more than friends. Four months later, I got a U-Haul...

Almost three months since the move-in, and I love our crazy triad. :)

(SOURCE: Reddit/BostonTentacleParty)

4. Globe-trotting love is the BEST.


Our story has been like one of these movie plots where two people fall in love with each other even though they live across the world. I'm currently living on a cloud nine and I just wanted to share my story with you all.

We met each other last April, across the world from where I am now. I was visiting his country for several months during which we happened to meet each other.

Our first date consisted of us talking for 5 hours while listening to the sounds of Pacific Ocean. I fell for him instantly but we both knew this simply won't work because we live on different hemispheres.

And then the day came when I had to leave him, just 4 months into our wonderful affair.

We were heartbroken but that was the deal since day one. After 4 unsuccessful weeks of trying to forget the love of my life, we eventually reconnected and started texting each other.

One confession followed another about our time together. We knew this is something special but there was no horizon line in sight.

Or so we thought.

Now, 8 months later we are officially in a long distance relationship, committed to each other and happier than ever.

And guess what? That crazy bastard is moving across the world for me next summer just so we can be together!

The best part about this is that I never saw this relationship coming. I wasn't looking, I wasn't expecting anything. And now I feel like I won the lottery of life.

I love him so much words can't even describe it.

(SOURCE: Reddit/MikeWarrior)

5. Good call, Angel…


I was directing a short film I wrote and she was my lead actress.

Shooting stars and fireworks for both of us when we first met at the audition. Kept it professional throughout the shooting process and after we wrapped we started hanging out a lot.

A random guy at a club, who introduced himself as Angel, told us we were soulmates and to never let the other go.

I beat her to the punch and asked her to be my girlfriend at pride via a homemade t-shirt. Angel was right.

(SOURCE: Reddit/torisaurus)

6. Love is healing.

Florida Agenda​

My husband and I met and almost immediately fell in love.

Nine months into dating, we were in a terrible car wreck and I broke my back. As I was laying on the pavement, I couldn't turn my head to see him, and asked the EMT, "Where's my boyfriend?"

My boyfriend replied, "I'm right here next to you", and hasn't left my side since.

Many people would have been overwhelmed or not wanted to take care of someone who is so injured, especially after dating for less than a year, but he did everything from putting on my shoes for me, to helping me shower (though I guess he didn't mind the latter all too much).

As soon as I started to get better, we started to plan for our wedding. I am happy to say that I was able to walk down the aisle.

Now, our wedding was more like a comedic play than a ceremony, with midget clowns and fake protesters crashing the vows because I hate boring weddings and wanted to make my friends laugh/family cringe.

Everyone assumed that because the wedding was so crazy, our proposal must have been some elaborate stunt too, but it was the opposite. We were driving home, and I asked, "Do you want to get married?" and he replied, "Yea, sure", because we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, so getting married was just for fun.

(SOURCE: Reddit/bingbangxii)

7. “I feel like I've loved her longer than I've existed in this form.”


I TA'd a class she was in when she was a Sophomore in high school and I was a Junior. I watched her from the back of the room because I was so shy and awkward and closeted and I didn't even know if she was gay but oh my god I wanted to know her so badly.

A whole year passes. Suddenly it's the end of my Senior year when BAM!

Facebook message from her. Just says hi.

I almost fucking die of shock and completely fail at life by ignoring the message because surely it was an accident and she meant to message someone else.

The next day. Another message. Hi :)

Not a mistake. I respond and we talk for hours into the night like we're old friends getting to know each other. Three nights of this. We get lunch together. She invites me to go out and get drunk with a mutual friend (turns out this was a whole set up that the mutual friend AND mutual friend's mother was involved in).

We get cuddly at night, no funny business just cuddling. Neither of us can sleep because HOLY SHIT IT'S REALLY HER.

We both spent almost two years silently pining until she grew some serious lady balls and made me the happiest lady around.

I'm a Sophomore in college now and she's a Freshman. I'm hoping to transfer to her next year.

She's the one I'm sure, I feel like I've loved her longer than I've existed in this form.

(SOURCE: Reddit/dr_victory)