5 *Golden Rules* Of A One-Night-Stand, So No One Gets The Wrong Idea

If you're gonna do it, make sure you do it right.

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By Nichole Fratangelo

Jumping into the sack with someone — whether they're a stranger or an old friend — can pose some problems. 

Though there are no rules (especially in our book), following these do's and don'ts for a one-night stand would be in your best interest. 

1. Do: Have safe sex



Let’s start with the most important: safety. Though one-night stands may be commonly associated with unprotected sex, this certainly isn’t something you’d want to dive into. Whether you’re on the pill or not, wearing a condom is a must for both you and your partner.

2. Do: Ask questions



Though the beauty of a one-night stand is not having to talk much, you want to keep it reasonable — i.e., know what kind of person you have on your hands. Asking basic questions can’t hurt: What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Knowing the basics will help you feel more comfortable and ultimately allow you to have more fun in the bedroom.

3. Do: Experiment



And now, the fun part: Having a one-night stand is the best excuse to explore in the bedroom. Have a toy or move you’ve been wanting to try? They'll most likely be down, being that the whole night in and of itself is spontaneous. 

4. Don’t: Overstay your welcome


This is a hard one, especially if you’re experiencing temporary bliss with your boo, or if it’s 2 a.m. Try to pick up on hints on whether or not you’re welcome to stay the night. And if you do wind up staying until sunrise, be careful of being caught in a walk of shame.


5. Don’t: Expect much


Another must: don’t get attached in any way, shape or form. More likely than not, a one-night stand won’t become your boyfriend. Use it for what it is, and don’t expect extra calls, texts or flowers at your doorstep.

6. Don’t: Treat him like a significant other



Your one-night stand is what he or she is – a one-time thing. This means zero fighting or nagging during your short time together, or the next day, either.