Women Have BETTER Orgasms Than Men, Says Science


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If you're like me, you've always wondered whether men truly understand the power of the female orgasm.

Well, now there's a definitive answer: Nope. 

For years, our culture didn't even believe the female orgasm existed.

Because of that, we're way behind in our understanding of female sexual response. Our cultural understanding of the female orgasm has made it impossible for us to even began to evaluate how and why a woman has an orgasm.


Think about it... just a handful of decades ago there were people saying that women did not enjoy sex, continuing a long tradition of making the male orgasm the only thing that mattered.

Once we discovered that women's orgasms were, in fact, real we jumped straight from that conversation into a dialogue about vaginal versus clitoral orgasms.

Since then, researchers have been trying to understand WHY women's orgasms are so freaking amazing. 

Now, researchers at Condordia University have concluded that female orgasm is more intense and varied than we ever thought before

“It is likely that women have an enormous capacity to experience orgasms of many different types, very different from male orgasm. The subjective experience of it is not necessarily the same for each woman, and can even be different each time a woman has one. Those differences span physiology and psychology.”


Yep. Women have many different types of orgasms. Science confirms it.


Yea, so, next time a dude tries to convince you that the G-spot isn't real, let him know that if a woman wants to, she may be able to have an orgasm just from nipple play alone. 

Let him put THAT in his pipe and smoke it. 


The researchers also posit that the reason we know so little about female orgasm is because we're thinking about it all wrong.

For years, scientists have tried to analyze women's orgasms in terms of how they aid in reproduction and in how they complement male orgasms. Which, unsurprisingly, has limited the way we understand women's orgasms. 

The entire study supports the fact that women need to be educated about their own bodies (topographically) from a much younger age.

Young boys become familiar with their penises much earlier than young girl become familiar with their clitorises just because of how our respective bodies are designed.



Pleasure is something that should be taught right along with the rest of sexual education. 

Armed with this knowledge, there's no excuse not to ask for what you need in the bedroom. 


Understanding that women's bodies are designed to have deep and varied orgasms can only enhance your sex life. 

Think of all the fun you can have with your partner trying to explore all of the different types of orgasms your body is capable of! 

Orgasms are a given for men, but women still struggle, which is ridiculous given how perfectly our bodies are created to have all kinds of different orgasms ... and now we've got science to back us up.