Feminist AF Gift Guide: 22 Gifts For All The Naaaasty Women You Love

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Feminist AF Gift Guide

Maybe we didn't break any glass ceilings this election season, but we can sure as heck show some #NastyWoman power when it comes to gift season. Here are 28 Christmas gifts to give to your favorite feminist this holiday season.

1. Dead Feminists

As The Strand describes it, this book is "basically your Nasty Women Bible Vol. 1" filled with "the OG Nasty Women that have laid the groundwork for us today." In a crowded field of history books filled with tales of men and their accomplishments, Dead Feminists provides a new and illuminating look at 27 women who changed the world.

Each chapter is built around a call to action (Protect, Make, Grow, Play), and illustrates how the women exemplified the idea in their own ways. Some example chapters/featured women include Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Fatima al-Fihri, Gwendolyn Brooks, Imogen Cunningham, Sadako Sasaki, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Harriet Tubman, Washington State Suffragists, Shirley Chisholm, Emma Goldman, Jane Mecom, Queen Lili'uokalani, and more.

($21.39, Barnes and Noble)

2. BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox is a subscription-based flower delivery service that delivers handpicked beautiful arrangements straight to your door. BloomsyBox offers one-time purchases, as well as 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions.

Why is this feminist AF? Because no woman should have to wait for some knight in shining armor for anything, not even flowers. If a woman wants flowers, she should go out there and get them herself. Flowers can be sent to or from friends and family, not just from men who can't commit. Another reason it's feminist is because it has the power to take away gender roles. Who said women can't get men flowers?

(Starts at $40 a month,

3. WaterSlyde

This is a water diverter used to bring water from your bathtub spout to the fall midline of the bathtub. Yes, it's a pleasure product. This is for your sex positive, anti-slut-shaming feminist, or, as we like to say, just plain woman friend. A few reason's it's a great gift: 1) It's designed for women by women, 2) Packaging and images make a point NOT to sexualize woman while at the same time allowing us to be "feel" good, and 3) It's a woman-owned company.


4. "Beat It Creep" Crop Top

Because sometimes, eloquent quotes say everything that needs to be said.


5. Satisfyer Pro 2

A feminist can be in charge of her own pleasure. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a matte Rose Gold luxury vibrator that offers 11 levels of intensity to choose from and features a whisper-mode, which makes using your toy an enjoyable and quiet pleasure.


6. Boy Tears iPhone Case

Hydration is important when a boy turned out to be an asshat, no?


7. Sh*t That I Knit

These hats are gorgeous, luxurious and perfect for badass women to stay warm in style. For every hat purchased, the company donates a knitting kit to young adults fighting cancer.


8. Crave Vesper

Wear your shiny pleasure object everywhere you go. 

(Starts at $69,

9. The Ah Ring

This is the first and only diamond ring designed for and marketed to single women. The Ah Ring stands for A for Available and H for happy, and it's the diamond ring you buy for yourself and wear on your pinkie. Why wait for a man to buy you diamonds?


10. Stiletto Coffee

This coffee is sassy but classy, unapologetically premium, and the company dedicates a portion of every bag or mug sold to help women "wake up and rise up" with their impact program. In addition to the coffees, with names such as "Ambition," "Elevation" and "You'll Never Go Back Blend," they're all about empowering our women.


11. Nasty Woman bath soaps

A perfect way to pamper the skin after long, hard day fighting the patriarchy, and they come in 9 different scents to lift your spirits. They are carefully crafted in small batches using 100 percent pure plant oils and essential oils.


12. Carrie K Gender Bender Bowtie

Gender Bender rejects preconceived expectations of gender roles and being true to oneself. Things traditionally associated with one gender are made to work across both.

(From $380,

13. What Would Beyoncé Do? Plaque

Who runs the world? You. Or at least that desk and everything that comes out of it.


14. "Smash the Patriarchy" Sparkle Pens

A little sparkle can change everything, especially when you have a battle ahead of you.


15. Hillary Clinton Adult Coloring Book

If you are feminist AF, ala HRC, you color outside the lines.


16. "Grow a Pair" Muscle Tee

As women, we come from pretty sturdy stuff.


17. The Thinking Girl's Guide to Drinking

This book is filled with beautiful photos and recipes of cocktails/mocktails that are delicious and healthy. L.A. locals Ariane Resnick, certified nutritionist and author of The Bone Broth Miracle, and Brittini Rae, Speed Rack 2015 winner and nationally recognized cocktail maven, combine their expert knowledge in the realms of mixology and nutrition to create inventive cocktails and mocktails that are not only fun and delicious, but nourishing and full of health benefits.

This book is really about using high-quality, whole ingredients to help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol.


18. Wonder Woman tights

The Amazonian princess has been a symbol of female empowerment for generations, and now you can pay tribute to her all day long.


19. Hero Necklace

Inscribed with "I'm The Hero of this Journey," this necklace will inspire the wearer to always believe in herself.


20. Little Box of Rocks Warrior (Strength) Box

This bouquet of meaningful crystals carries the energy of the warrior. Send this secret little weapon to that spirited someone who consistently meets life's obstacles with a sense of poise and grace — and inspires you to do the same!


21. Woman's Touch "Fifty Shades of Fierce" Tank

This T-shirt line that proclaims women's empowerment, self-respect, beauty, and self-worth while encouraging women to support one another through fashion. Each statement is a confirmation of the importance we are as human beings and the force we all possess. The sizing does not go by Small through Large; instead, they go from Sensual to Extra Extravagant. How cool is that?


22. TomboyX Iconic Briefs

The best part of feminism is that you don't have to be a specific type of woman. Feminism promotes the idea that every woman can make her own choices, and that includes the type of underwear she wears. TomboyX was designed to help women find their identity, whether they are masculine or feminine. It's all about love and respect, no matter what you look like.


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