What The Kind Of Undies You Wear Reveals About Your Personality

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Who knew that the skivvies you wear underneath your clothes could make deep psychological revelations? Well, we're not about to diagnose you as an ENFJ or somewhere else on the Myers-Briggs spectrum, but there's quite a bit we can learn about a lady based on her panty type.

Of course, many of us wear a variety of panty styles and perhaps that's a reflection of who we are at the moment and what we want. So, let's see what your choice of panties says about your personality, missy.

1. Granny Panties

You couldn't give zero f*cks about impressing anyone. You say exactly what is on your mind and you're not fake in the slightest. Ever. This makes you intimidating in some ways and in other ways, truly a pleasure to be around because we know you're always true to yourself, no matter the company.

You crave comfort and don't feel the need for a lot of attention or fanfare. In fact, that sort of thing makes you a little uncomfortable. You love comfort foods and you dig anything that stretches. You have a small group of friends that you have had for life and you're loyal and dependable.

2. Seamless Style Panties

You're all business, even when you're at play. You have an end-goal at all times and you don't mess around at achieving them. You have a type A personality and you love to look great wherever you go. Professional, poised and polished, you're on fleek at all times.

Despite that polished look, though, you don't really embrace your body type or shape. You tend to pick at yourself even if you have a body with amazing curves or six-pack abs.

You make a lot of friends but few people get close to you. When someone does, you let your guard down millimeter by millimeter. It takes a lot of damn time to figure out who you are.

But make no mistake — for those you do love, you're there in a crisis to manage stuff and get it all done. You will pick up someone else's broken pieces and tell them to get off his or her ass and live again. Honestly? It's inspiring. People may love to hate you but they always respect you.

3. Bikini Briefs

You're so adorable and sweet, it sickens people. You don't take yourself too seriously or anyone else for that matter, which makes you fun to be around and easy to talk to. Of course, it also means you're not really that great when the chips are down. You can actually get in the way unintentionally. The bikini brief lady never has bad intentions.

You're a physically active type and you love getting messy and creating. You're a hands-on person and people admire you for this. You're also a great hugger and are very affectionate. It is rare for someone to not like you. You have a sweet charm.

4. Thong

You love a crowd and to be ignored is pretty much a death sentence to you. You feel comfortable in your own skin — so comfortable that it doesn't matter if you're so thin you disappear or incredibly robust; you still own whatever you wear. Your chutzpah is very sexy.

You're a bit risky with what you say, which sometimes gets yourself into trouble. In other words, you call it like it is, even when you should whisper it to yourself. You have so many friends that you have to schedule it all in. Sometimes, though, you overschedule yourself and end up flaking out, which bugs the crap out of people.

You never wait for a love interest to make the first move because you're as impatient as a toddler, but most people don't say no to you anyway. You're sort of intoxicating and a bit dangerous.

5. Commando

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You're a voyeur and an exhibitionist in all aspects of your life. You watch and absorb what’s going on around you, and you also take control of a situation within seconds.

You're sometimes too bold with your actions, but no one really knows your true feelings. For as risqué as you can be and as much as you go "against the grain," you also are afraid of judgment or disappointment from others. Being liked matters, but at the same time, you can't admit that.

You're in either a male-dominated field or a creative one, and you don't take the words "no" to heart. It's just another chance to get that "yes" you're looking for. You break rules but you also enjoy following the ones you do enjoy, making you a bit of a hypocrite.

Everyone knows you and you know everyone, mostly because of your success and ability to harness power, but you prefer very intense emotional connections. So, of course, those few connected relationships you have are very deep and personal. There are very few superficial relationships in your life and you like it that way.