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I'm Not Moody — I Just Can't Put Up With Your BS Every Damn Day

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As women, we have a tendency to believe we can do it all. Never wanting to be a burden, we take on all the relationship responsibility of being a girlfriend, a mother, a confidant, a maid, a cook, a chauffeur, a trophy wife and wonder why the heck we feel so burnt out all the time.

If you're not fighting for your own needs and desires, it can quickly become him first, you second. And when he comes first, so does a lot of his bullshit. 

Too often when we're in relationships we get into a routine of being around each other 24/7. At first, it's fun and he's trying to impress you with opening doors and breakfast in bed.

But eventually, he gets tired of putting forth the effort and realizes he doesn't need to do so in order to keep you around. 

Then he stops opening doors and lets them shut in your face. He oversleeps and then asks you what's for breakfast. He goes out all night without telling you and comes home expecting open arms — not an attitude. 


It's probably the most annoying thing in the world when a guy does something knowing it's going to piss you off and then gets mad when you get pissed off. I consider that to be the definition of relationship bullshit. 

But here's the secret to winning the battle that feels unwinnable: you have to stop caring. 

Copping an attitude and sending out a sassy ass text may feel like the most empowering thing to do in that moment, but trust me, it will get you nowhere. Call your friends to vent and bitch, and then go do something for yourself. 


If you're waiting for him to get home, stop waiting.

Go out somewhere (literally anywhere), and give him the same treatment he gives you.

Meaning, be super unavailable and then when you see him, act like nothing is wrong. 

Men respond better to tough action rather than an emotional lecture. By taking control of the situation, you'll show him (and yourself) that you don't need the relationship to be happy.