3 Reasons Why Melania Trump Gives Hope To American Women

Feminists, take note.

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There are choices a woman makes because it advances her career, fulfills her dreams, and allows her to have the life she's always dreamed of having. But no dream is one size-fits-all, and no two ambitions are the same.

Dreams are personal and a manifestation of a woman's innermost being. When I went to college and took education courses, we learned that in order for children to succeed in the classroom, it was important for there to be adults who modeled their struggle.


It was harder for children of Latino and African American backgrounds and cultures to self-identify without educators in the system that gave them hope for success outside of the classroom. For a student in the classroom, that model of success was a teacher.

For young girls in America, that person is often the First Lady of the United States. 

I had never heard of Melania Trump, and I had not seen her modeling pictures.

The first time I heard about Melenia was when Donald Trump announced that he was running for office, and a tweet war broke out between The Donald and Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter.


The next thing I knew, images of Melania were posted all over the internet by various magazines of her former modeling years — posing the question whether or not someone like Melania should be the next First Lady.

I'll admit, before the question of a supermodel being in the White House ever entered my mind, my impression of what constituted a FLOTUS fell along the lines of pearl necklaces, shoulder length hair, and conservative dresses.

I also remembered the scrutiny the current First Lady, Michelle Obama faced when was criticized for her nude arms and short sleeved blouses and trendy clothing styles as she made public appearances nationwide. 

But I was curious. I researched who Melania Trump was, and asked myself what her role as the future First Lady of The United States of America might mean to feminism, and me as a first-generation American mother raising a daughter.


My conclusion is that Melania Trump is a symbol of today's American woman.

She's a woman with a mind of her own, determination to stick to her goals, and has a spirit of strength and courage to face whatever criticisms come her way. 

She gives hope to American families, particularly today's American working mother.

Beyond her beauty and wealth, there were lessons she has had to learn from experience because she is an immigrant, a mother, step-mother, former model, and now, First Lady of the United States.

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Here are three ways Melania is actually a fantastic role model for American women: 


1. As a successful, proud female immigrant, she show now NOT be afraid to speak your mind no matter how you think you sound. 

The Census Bureau reported in 2013 that 1:5 Americans speak a foreign language and 61.8 million speak a language other than English at home.

For children who have parents that struggle to speak English, seeing a woman support and defend her husband publicly as he pursued office was not only admirable, but courageous.

To the female immigrant who struggles with English language proficiency, Melania was someone they could see themselves reflected in.

She represents the woman who is asked a million times what country she is from because of her foreign accent. Or the lady who is afraid to open up for fear of being misunderstood, or joked about when she's had her say. 


2. In surviving the "nude modeling" scandal, she shows that our nakedness never need be a reason for shame, ever.

When Kim Kardashian broke the internet, tweeting a photo of her post-baby body #liberated, and later penned an open letter about body empowerment, conservatives and media again were faced with the ugly truth — Americans still could not handle a woman's naked body as art.

Now, Melania gives new voice to the female body as art.

As the first female to be FLOTUS who has ever posed nude, she teaches us that no matter what the world thinks of your career decisions, a woman's body is a symbol of beauty and art.  

Considering that 9 out of 10 Millennial women take nude photos, the message is a positive one. It's also important to note, that she married a man who respects her life choices as she respects his. 


3. As the step-mother of a blended family, she proves that you can be a powerful team player, too.

Most step-families will agree that learning how to blend together requires work and commitment to the marriage and to each other.

The Trump family demonstrated through the adversity that they are a team first, and a blended family second.


Amazingly, we saw Melania after she had endured media mockery, nude photo-shaming and multiple accusations made against her husband, she still stood by her husband's side with full support and a smile full of grace and silent strength. 

Much can be learned about what it means to be an American woman in today's day and age.

With Melania Trump in the White House, there's a new hope for American women striving to attain their own version of the American Dream — no matter where she starts.

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