11 Signs You Push Men Away —​ Without Even Realizing It

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11 Signs You're Pushing Men Away —​ Without Even Realizing It

Whether we like to admit it or not, we've all met at least one person who seemed to have no self-awareness whatsoever. These people are the ones who just don't fully understand why people won't call them, add them on Facebook, or ask them out.

However, almost everyone else around them can see why with ease. For many of us, our greatest nightmare is being that person — if only because it often means that we are acting so out of line that we should be embarrassed of ourselves.

The sad thing is, you might be pushing people away without realizing it. But here's some dating advice that may help: in your quest to learn how to get a guy to like you, if any of these things are true, you are your own worst enemy.

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1. You are regularly called "stuck up" or have been told you act like you're doing guys a favor by talking to them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rejecting a guy you aren't into or just cutting a conversation short because he's not your type. However, a good way to push away everyone is to act like you're too good for them, chide them, or talk to them in a condescending way.

Even if you're interested in a guy, the moment that he sees you behave this way with someone, he'll likely bail.

2. If you were really honest with yourself, you hate men.

Ever met a guy who hated women with a passion? It doesn't take too long to figure out who they are. Even if they are trying to restrain themselves, that hate does bubble through. And if you can pick up when men hate women, men will pick up on you hating them.

3. You go from 0 to 100, real quick.

When a guy rejects you, do you flip out at them? Do you feel like you have to make a scene or lash out at them to "teach them a lesson"?

Trust me when I say that, while I can totally understand why you would want to do this, I know for a fact that word will travel about you doing this. That in turn will make men avoid you, and will end up getting you the "crazy" label in the local dating scenes.

4. You're famous for your explosive temper.

Even if you aren't flipping out at the guy, most men are absolutely terrified of an angry woman. When they see anger issues, they will assume the worst about you when it comes to dating.

5. You literally take zero care of your looks.

As much as it pains us all to say something about it, packaging counts. Sorry. It's true. You need to look decent to attract guys.

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6. People have pulled you aside to tell you that you're really hard to talk to or that you're acting inappropriately.

If you act like a cat in heat or behave like all eyes have to be on you, it's going to be bad. Very bad. As in, you're going to make men run the other way.

7. A good portion of your Facebook statuses sound like something a "Nice Guy" would post.

Do you say you're single because "men only like sluts"? Do you post memes that talk about how men never appreciate "good women"? Sorry to break it to you, but that often means that you're the female version of a "Nice Guy" and that's not a good look. Being nice doesn't get you a boyfriend.

8. You're baby crazy or marriage crazy, and approach it like you have a deadline.

If you talk about kids and your need for kids on the first date, men will run. Even if they, like you, are desperate for marriage or babies, they will run.

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9. You're glued to your phone when guys are around you.

Hang up the phone. Put down the texting brick. You do not need to play Candy Crush so often. If you want guys to think you're interested, you'll do something that involves looking at them rather than looking at your phone.

10. You're known for being possessive.

Being jealous, especially if it's right off the bat, doesn't make you a good pick for men. It makes you look nuts... because you're acting nuts.

11. You act like a drama queen.

If you talk badly about other women, do nothing but gossip, and point out how much you're "not like the other girls," you're going to scare him away. Men don't want drama in their lives. After all, they want a life partner, not an episode of a reality TV show.

The bottom line is that your attitude is most likely pushing people away. Be honest with yourself. Would you date you? If not, you've got some work to do.

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