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If A Guy Acts Like He Doesn't Give A Sh*t About You — He Doesn't

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In the name of making it work, women love to make excuses for the men they like. 

"He didn't call because he's super busy at work." 

"His grandma has the flu! I'm sure we'll get together when she feels better." 

"He had no gas in his car, and he lost his wallet. Of course I gave him a ride." 

Let me let you in on a little secret: men are a lot more capable of seeing women then you think. I had a guy drive two hours just to watch a movie for me. Another wrote me a song.

One guy even called out of work early just so he could leave me flowers on my doorstep. 

Not to turn this into a bragfest — I've had plenty of terrible experiences as well — but guys will make an extra effort if they like you. So enough with the excuses. 

If a guy isn't calling you, texting you or skywriting your name, he probably doesn't like you. If you have to second guess everything you say and decode every single interaction then he definitely doesn't like you.

Cut your losses. Move on. 

Men get the upper hand in the dating world because women let them.

We wait by the phone for hours. We stop talking to other guys. We spend way too much time stalking their social media pages. 

You get back the upper hand by writing guys off who aren't consistently acting like they're into you. If a guy isn't acting like he wants to be serious, then stop taking him so seriously. 

The scared little voice inside your head might be telling you to hold on because there are no guys out there who will go the extra mile for you, but you can't listen to it. You can't make excuses out of fear and you can't get let guys treat you like shit because you're afraid to be alone. 

You deserve someone who will try, but you can only get a person like that if you're willing to try for yourself first.