Women Are Naming Their Vaginas After Movies And The Results Are LOL

"There Will Be Blood."

Women Are Naming Their Vaginas After Movies And The Results Are LOL getty

There are many nicknames for the vagina such as vajayjay, vag, honeypot and pink taco. Some women may feel that vagina sounds too medical and/or official sounding, and they may come up with their own name for their vagina. And there are times when you might like to get a little raunchy when referring to your vagina, but it's always a good idea to use good sense when using the more salacious words for your lady parts.


Though I must admit, I always laugh when women refer to their vaginas as cooters, muffs, or as the place down there. And depending on how someone is using it, "C U Next Tuesday" can be amusing.

Creatively speaking, it can be challenging to come up with a new way to refer to a vagina, but some things just go naturally together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and it turns out movie titles and vaginas.

Recently, the Twitter universe created a game where women came up with a new name for their vaginas based on the last movie they saw.

The results are hilarious and very creative. Though some of the results seem more like reviews and/cautionary tales rather than names, they still are very funny and some are oddly fitting. 


Most of these vagina/movie titles are within the last decade or so. There are some vintage movie titles that would be hilarious such as The Black Hole, Some Like It Hot, As Good as it Gets, Pretty in Pink, The Abyss, Tremors, The Parent Trap, and His Girl Friday to name a few.

This is a great game to pass the time during a road trip or when you want to stay awake, not unlike the game where you take ordinary movie titles and turn them into porn titles.

Here are some of the great movie title vagina names that Twitter came up with.