I'd Rather Be 'Basic' Than... Whatever Boring Thing You Are

It is Pumpkin Spice Latte season, and I couldn't be happier! Ugh, I can hear you groaning through the screen: PSL is so basic. This author is so lame. Maybe it is. Maybe I am.

But you know what? I'd rather be "basic" than... whatever boring thing you are.

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Because while you're whining that "everything comes in pumpkin flavor now," I'll be snacking on pumpkin Oreos, chowing down on pumpkin salsa with pumpkin tortilla chips, warming up with pumpkin chili, and topping off my hot cocoa with pumpkin-flavored whipped cream. (I might even be doing it in a Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow-scented bubble bath.)

While you're grumbling about how ugly Uggs are, I'll be dancing through a corn maze in my wellies  and if someone tries to beat me to the end, they'd better watch out! I play rough!

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While you're making fun of all the "sorority girls" in their puffy vests, I'll be diving into a leaf pile.

While you're tugging at and shivering in your suuuuuper-complex clothing(!!!), I'll be decked out in the comfiest outfits in town. (Do you have any idea how much user testing North Face puts into its products? And have you considered that just because I'm wearing my Thermoball around town today, doesn't mean I didn't also wear it during a recent 17-day backpacking trip in the Andes?)

While you're hating on Friends, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift just because they're popular, I'll be rocking out to the simple-yet-catchy tunes of 1989 (turns out, sometimes things are popular because they're good and, amazingly, my identity isn't threatened by the popularity of music).

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While you're making derisive remarks about my Instagram photos, I'll be out on a hayride, taking said photos with my hair blowing in the crisp autumn breeze. And while you're bashing Starbucks because "OMG, there's no real pumpkin in the PSL" (which isn't even true), I'll be chatting with the cute guy who just ordered a Chile Mocha (it's the PSL's much manlier younger brother).

And while you're sharing yet another snarky quip about how every sunset photo is exactly the same, I'll be immortalizing the sunset/supermoon combo! (I'm not wearing my North Face in this photo but believe me! It's sitting in the grass, just outside of the frame.)

In short, while you're busy worrying about what other people are doing...I'll be doing. I'll be having an unforgettable autumn, complete with decorative gourds, and the ensuing tradition of "roof testing."



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It never gets old!

You go bicker. I'll be being cutesy with my dog, my boyfriend, and my friends. When I pose my dog in the middle of a huge pile of pumpkins, we'll all laugh until it hurts.

See, what you don't understand is that "basic" is the best thing you can be. It means I can appreciate everyday miracles. I find joy in little things that others think are trivial. I think about more than looking pretty all the time.


My life will never be boring because I fill it with silliness, goofiness, and spirit. For me, Thanksgiving will never be about food and Christmas will never be about shopping. And don't even get me started on Valentine's Day!

Some people need to seek new landscapes or spend lots of money to have an adventure. But "basic" ol' me? I see each day with a new set of eyes, making every moment an adventure.

This isn't just my opinion, either. It's science. Science proves that money can buy happiness if you know how to spend it. For example, spending it on having fun experiences, like being goofy in a pumpkin patch. (You know, instead of sitting at home judging others.) Or if you spend as little as $5 on another person (perhaps by catching up over a delicious pumpkin PSL). (Seriously! If you want a long-lasting boost in happiness, go spend $5 on a friend. It doesn't matter if you spend that $5 on a lifesaving malaria treatment or something "basic" like Starbucks. See also: Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending.)

Science proves that people who are mindful are much happier than those who focus on judging.

Look, if you're worried about how ugly my boots are, that means that you have failed to immerse yourself in an experience. If you truly think all sunset photos look the same, that only means your eyes aren't very discerning. And if you disdain PSLs because they "don't have real pumpkin" (which, again, they do), what do you think your other food is made of? "All-natural ingredients"? That's cute.

So go ahead and leave your nasty comment about "basic bitches." I'll be picking my own fruit out at the apple orchard.

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