5 Reasons No Self-Respecting Woman Should EVER Support Donald Trump


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I thought that as this election progressed, surely Donald Trump would be revealed for the inexperienced monster he is. 

That hasn't happened. Instead, his supporters are more loyal than ever, and even a tape leaked of Trump saying it's okay to grab women "by the pussy" doesn't seem to be having the negative impact on his campaign that it should be having.

I am of the firm belief that Donald Trump's face should come with a trigger warning.


Remember that I said all this when he has me kicked out of the country for having an opinion, should he win. 

If you're a woman and you're voting for Donald Trump, you hate yourself. More than that, you hate other women. 

You know who was a woman? YOUR OWN MOTHER, JERKS. 

If you doubt me let's go over the most obvious reasons why no woman should support Donald Trump. 

1. He fat-shames women 

When former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado spoke out against Trump, it touched many of us. Trump described her as "Miss Piggy" and "someone who likes to eat", and said when she gained weight that it was a "real problem."


These are the kind of comments that send fat people like me looking for some place to hide. I get upset just reading about it. Fat people have a hard enough time coping with prejudice from people they meet everyday. They shouldn't need to face that feeling when they are confronted with their president. 


2. He slut-shames women 


When Donald Trump realized his treatment of Machado was doing him damage, he added fuel to the fire, calling her "disgusting" and trying to discredit her by claiming that she has made a sex tape (as of yet unproven).

See, it's only okay to like sex if you're a man. If you like sex and you're a woman, Donald Trump thinks you are disgusting. He literally said so. If you've ever been slut-shamed (and if you're a woman reading this, you probably have been) then you how awful it feels. 

Now imagine it's your president who did that to you. 

3. He think it's okay to assault women 

Donald Trump is currently being sued for allegedly raping a 13 year-old girl. He has said that if you are famous you can do whatever you want to a woman. His own ex-wife Ivanka Trump once alleged that he raped her, claims Trump has denied.


When you're a woman who has survived a sexual assault, you fight complex emotions daily, if not hourly. Having heard Trump's remarks I can easily imagine how a survivor could now be put in an emotional state if forced to see or hear the man. 

4. He makes vague ominous threats 

Donald Trump slyly implied that Russia should hack Hillary Clinton. He slyly implied that NRA supporters should kill her with the guns she hopes to regulate.

At their second debate, he threatened to have her arrested if he was elected. You know who else makes vague threats of violence that are impossible to pin them down for? Men's Rights Activists who harass and threaten women just like me online every day of the week.


Your president, the troll who wouldn't mind if you were dead. 



5. He has supporters who can't be swayed 

It's really easy to invoke Hitler when faced with a politician you don't like. But here, I don't think I'm out of line. It doesn't matter what Trump says or does, his supporters will follow him and continue to adore him. If you are a woman who gets an abortion, his supporters hate you. If you don't believe in war, his supporters hate you. If you disagree with anything Trump says, they hate you. 

If you think he won't build a wall, if you think he won't really kick all Muslims out of the country, then remember that's probably what the German people thought when Hitler started talking about his final solution.

If you aren't scared, you aren't paying attention.