You Can Now Squeeze Rubber Testicles Under Your Desk When Stressed

Photo: Sickchirpse
balls for work anxiety stress relief


For anyone who’s worked at a desk for the majority of your day, you know that it can get HARD. The stress of having to get your work done, all the while JUGGLING your boss’s STIFF demands can make anyone go crazy. 

In fact, according to a study, 80 percent of people feel stress at their job with a whopping 25 percent (that’s a whole QUARTER of the workers surveyed, people!) saying they felt like shouting due to the overwhelming tensions of the job!

Have no fear! 

Imaginarte, a communications agency, has come up with a solution. AND WE FRIGGIN’ LOVE IT!


Now, you’ll have something at work that will help you release some of that pressure building up inside you. Meet niceBalls! Yes, you heard right. Nice. Balls. 

It’s a pair of prosthetic balls, or testicles for you nerds, that hang from underneath your desk. Because who DOESN’T want to play with a pair of balls as they close an important multi-million dollar deal?

They’re marketed to men and women, though in their promotion photos, we only see women. Go figure! 


According to their site, this new must-have has a suspension rate that generates a “Euclidean curve and relaxes and provides those seconds of escape that we all need from time to time".


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s actually on sale at this point. But, you can go to their site and let them know you’re interested in their … balls.

Wouldn’t this be just the PERFECT stocking stuffer? Or GAG gift? Wait, I didn’t mean gag literally. Unless you’re into that kind of thing? No judgment here! 

Want to see this bad boy in action? Here’s a video for your viewing pleasure. It’s in another language, but that’s OK because it’s subtitled AND who cares? You’re watching someone massage balls at WORK!