15 Shady Signs He's DEFINITELY Cheating On You

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15 Shady Signs He’s Cheating On You

Your gut is rarely wrong. Trust it.

Cheaters think they’re so slick, but the truth is that they usually aren’t as smart as they think they are. The funny thing about cheaters is that they get lazy, sloppy, or just plain cocky. Some might even want to get caught. That leaves them open to being discovered pretty easily.

Here are some signs that your man is acting shady and likely cheating on you.

1. You get phone calls from the same local unknown number, but as you answer it, the caller hangs up.


This may be a sign of a side chick who knows his house phone number. If you ever hear a woman ask for him before you say anything, you can almost be certain that he’s up to something.

2. He’s on the internet at odd hours of the night, or gets very defensive about his search history.

We all have some weird stuff on our search history, but you should be very concerned if he’s getting freaked out over you using his computer. It might just be that he’s been searching up singles sites or escort sites without your knowledge.

3. He suddenly has a password on his phone.

What does he have to hide?

4. His phone wallpaper changed to the photo of a "friend" of his.

This says volumes about where you stand with him. Primarily, it usually says that she’s more of a priority than you are.

5. People have started to look at you in a sympathetic way, but you can’t figure out why.


Your relationship is fine — at least, you think it is. You don’t feel abused, upset, neglected, or even stressed. Why is everyone looking at you pityingly when you talk about your man, then?

6. He’s acting way nicer than he usually does.

This can be a sign of a guilty conscience. It could be because he’s cheating, or it could be because he's doing something else you wouldn’t approve of.

7. Sex suddenly diedor it got friskier.

People who have an affair often don’t keep up the same pace they used to have when they were loyal. Some cheaters lose all interest in sex with their original partner while they “get acquainted” with the new lover. Others get friskier all over. Either way, a marked change in sex habits should be cause for concern.

8. He’s working different hours, but things don’t quite add up.

If he said he’s staying late at the office but not a single extra cent is coming into his paycheck, there’s a problem you need to address.

9. Conversation suddenly dropped.

If he’s no longer sharing those cool details about his life with you, it’s very likely because he’s found someone else to talk about it with. Even if he’s not cheating, a drop in real conversation is often a sign that he’s not in sync with you.

10. He’s stopped noticing you.


A man who stops noticing his woman is a man who probably has his eyes on someone else.

11. He got moody and you honestly can’t figure out why.

Is he picking fights with you for no reason? Has he been running hot and cold? If so, there’s a chance that he’s doing that to justify his bad behavior.

12. He no longer tries to argue with you.

Most couples have pet peeves that deal with their significant others, and they often lead to the occasional argument. If he has a pet peeve that usually sets him off but it no longer bothers him, you should be very worried. This often indicates that he’s checked out of the relationship and that he’s about to leave you for someone else.

13. His taste in music or clothing has suddenly changed.

This is often an indicator that he’s putting on a show for someone else, or that someone else is really influencing them in a powerful way. The question is, who is that and why hasn’t he mentioned them to you?

14. He’s glued to his phone or takes frequent trips.

Guys who have a jump phone will take regular trips to get away from you while they text the girl. If he’s just texting more than usual, there’s a good chance he’s trying to mack on someone.

15. Your intuition is screaming at you.


Your gut is rarely ever wrong. Trust it.