True Strength Is Sharing Your Heart — Even When It's Messy & Broken

Don’t let the world close you off.

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I’m not one who’s big into sharing my emotions, especially when they’re sad ones. Never wanting to be a buzzkill, I play it off like everything is fine. And in those moments where everything is far from fine — like right after a breakup when I'm learning how to get over a broken heart and there’s no way I could ever fake it — I hide.

I don’t talk to anyone. I keep myself closed off in an effort to spare people from being around my sorry, sad behind. This is a terrible thing to do because it sends a message to yourself and the universe that your emotions are not worth sharing. That everyone else in the world is entitled to a bad day (or a bad couple of months) except for you. 


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I know that being vulnerable is scary, and you’re worried that people won’t care enough — or that you’ll make them feel uncomfortable — if you share your sob stories.

But being that first person to unveil the mask of fake smiles and forced laughter will show others that they can do the same. In a world of filters and carefully crafted Instagram posts, it's easy to forget that we're humans. Humans with messy emotions and smudged mascara that probably wouldn't get more than 10 likes if we shared the real us.  


Everything hard in this world is harder to deal with when you’re on your own. But yet we always try to do things ourselves because we think asking for help is a waste of time, or that no one will be there for us if we do ask. 

It’s not, and there's at least one person in the world that would be there in a heartbeat. 


Everyone goes through their own personal things, even if we act like we don’t. Sharing your heart and being vulnerable with other people will help you in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. 

The weight you’re currently putting on your shoulders doesn’t have to be just yours to carry. You can give it away, piece by piece, to other willing participants. 

Don’t let your emotional baggage become even heavier because you’re afraid of what other people will think. Set down all the drama you've been carrying and take break. Ask someone else to hold it for a little while. 

Being vulnerable is good for your health. Don’t deny yourself some relief in order to make someone else feel comfortable. Your heart is beautiful, and just because it's a little broken doesn't mean it's not worth sharing. 


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