Be Thankful For The Struggle Because It Helped You Find STRENGTH

Have some gratitude.

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When it feels like the world is against us and life is never-ending shit storm, it’s easy to get resentful of the hard times. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try to be happy, the universe comes back and slaps us in the face. 

So naturally, we become bitter. We get mad.

We curse the sky and question: “WHY ME?” 

Now, I’m the annoying friend who loves to point out the silver lining in every negative situation. My friends might hate (and secretly love) me for it, but I can always find something to smile about it.


But even if you don’t share my naturally optimistic attitude, you can too. 


When times are tough, I remind myself of the cycle of life. Sometimes we’re so happy we can’t remember what it ever felt like to be sad, and other times we're so down that getting out of bed seems physically impossible. 


Everything, especially our own personal emotions, are temporary. 

Problems and stress and bad decisions only happen when we forget that. We trick ourselves into thinking this state of mind is permanent. We stop believing that we could feel totally different tomorrow or even in five minutes. 

So instead of falling into the depressing idea that we’ll never get out of these sad little funks, let's remind ourselves that someday — probably sooner than later — we will.

Instead of wallowing in your own self pity, find that silver lining in your own personal growth. 



Being sad helps us appreciate being happy. Being weak helps us recognize how awesome it feels to be strong. And being able to recognize that you can't have one without the other will help you to remember that the world isn't ending. 

Despite how heavy sadness and heartbreak can feel on your shoulders, you won't be down forever. No matter what has happened to you, you will find your way again. 

Each day offers a clean slate, and you can chose to stay in your dark little world or try to be .001% happier. All it takes is the slight willingness to see your situation through the eyes of love instead of fear. 

Those little decisions, those micro-mini steps forward are how you change your life. It's how you get your life back. 


So remember this, and repeat it to yourself as many times a day as necessary: everything has a purpose, and if we try to identify what that purpose might be when we’re struggling, we’ll be one step closer to finding our strength.