7 Quotes That Explain Life With Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline personality disorder BPD
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It’s not easy to live with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It can take a wicked toll on a person’s mental health, on the important relationships in their lives, on their sense of self.

In terms of personality disorders, BPD is particularly insidious. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) notes that people who suffer from the condition typically display “problems with regulating emotions and thoughts,” “impulsive and reckless behavior,” and “unstable relationships with other people,” among other symptoms.

It’s a disorder that preys on a person’s emotions, subjecting them to intense highs and lows, and influences how they think and feel about themselves and the people around them.

But BPD isn’t just dangerous — it’s widespread as well. The NIMH estimates that “about 1.6 percent of adults in the United States have BPD in a given year.” (They go on to qualify that the disorder “is often underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed.”)

So, people struggling with borderline personality disorder need to know that they are not alone.

And that they, too, deserve love and understanding.

In an emotional 2016 Salon article, writer Sarah Haufrect described what it was like to live with her mother, who suffered from BPD and eventually committed suicide. Haufrect quoted an expert from L.A. County Psychological Association, who stated that, “Those with BPD have a distinctively polarized view of relationships, idealizing themselves and others, but one mistake, and the person is totally devalued.”

She described living with a person with BPD “like living with Mount Vesuvius always on the verge of erupting.”

As I mentioned, one of the problems with BPD is that it is often misdiagnosed. People with Borderline Personality Disorder rationalize their mood swings and emotional turmoil, not realizing that it’s part of a larger disorder. And the people close to those with BPD get angry or distance themselves, because they can’t understand what’s inspiring such extreme behavior.

This is why it is so vital for people to talk about what it actually looks and feels like when a person is afflicted with borderline personality disorder.

If you’re having a hard time imagining what it must feel like to suffer from BPD, here are seven really insightful quotes that offer profound insight into what it’s like for a person to deal with borderline personality disorder every day of their lives. Sometimes quotes from people who understand can bring a lot of comfort when you feel alone. 

Pure confusion
borderline personality disorder BPD

“Living with BPD is pure confusion. It's always like, "Am I allowed to be upset about this thing or am I being oversensitive?" — HealthyPlace.com

(Source: HealthyPlace.com)

Hot and cold
borderline personality disorder BPD

“You know you’re borderline when you fluctuate between fearing abandonment to encouraging it.” — Jaen Wirefly

(Source: Life After BPD)

borderline personality disorder BPD

“People with BPD are like people with third degree burns over 90% of their bodies. Lacking emotional skin, they feel agony at the slightest touch or movement.” — Dr. Marsha Linehan

(Source: Mind of Borderline)

Positive and negative
borderline personality disorder BPD

“It is as if my life were magically run by two electric currents: joyous positive and despairing negative —whichever is running at the moment dominates my life, floods it.” — The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

[Many scholars have debated whether poet Sylvia Plath did suffer from borderline personality disorder. This quote appeared in an article (authored by writer with BPD) titled “10 Sylvia Plath Quotes That Describe Life With BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)”.]

(Source: WeirdlyPersonal.com)

They don’t understand
borderline personality disorder BPD

It’s a lot like being inside a burning building and yelling for help, while the fireman outside says “What are you so upset about? Just climb over the rubble and come on out!” — Alexander L. Chapman

(Source: Mind of Borderline)

borderline personality disorder BPD

“Having Borderline feels like eternal Hell. Never knowing how I am going to feel from one minute to the next. Hurting because I hurt those who I love.” — HealthyPlace.com

(Source: HealthyPlace.com)

Exposing your weaknesses
borderline personality disorder BPD

“This crack in your façade can be the first glimpse you have had to your real self. Ironically, your newly experienced vulnerability — the feeling that you are now exposed for all the world to see, that are your weaknesses are now visible — is the very thing that can save you.” — Merri Lisa Johnson, Girl in Need of a Tourniquet: Memoir of a Borderline Personality

(Source: bpdquotes.tumblr.com)