12 Things We Really, REALLY Wish Guys Knew About Our Vaginas

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Things We Really, REALLY Wish Guys Knew About Vaginas

Ah, the vagina... what every guy seems to want. It's a mystery to men and that's why they always have questions about it. At times, guys are downright misinformed when it comes to what goes on down south, and tend to make our time with them a lot less fun than it could be.

Guys, sometimes, we really want to tell you certain things about our girl parts, but we're often afraid that you'll be embarrassed or freak out.

For all the guys out there who really wish they understood vaginas better, and for all the guys that just wonder why girls roll their eyes when they say certain things, this is a PSA. Here are a dozen facts us vagina owners wish you knew.

1. Don't just jam fingers in there or be rough right off the back.


Take things slow. We need to be turned on in order for rough sex to actually be good. Doing things too rough, too quick, without any lubrication (natural or otherwise) will just put us in pain and make us hate you.

2. Pee does not come out of vaginas.

We just thought you should be reminded about this anatomy fact. A lot of guys apparently don't know this.

3. Our vaginas don't get loose with more partners, by the way.


Looseness comes from childbirth or actually being born that way. Please, on behalf of all women, stop believing that myth and stop perpetuating it.

4. Be careful with her clitoris.

That thing is sensitive... REALLY sensitive. We have twice as many nerve endings in our clits than men do with at the tip of their penises. Therefore, touch it with care.

5. Each vagina looks really different.


There's no "cut and dry" way a vagina is supposed to look. If we don't have a "porn star" p*ssy, we don't want to hear you ask if our vagina looks normal. That's not only rude, it's a good way to ensure that we won't ever want to sleep with you again.

6. A lot of us are very self-conscious about how we look, smell, or taste down there.

So, keep that in mind. We don't want to hear any complaints.

7. The G-spot exists.


Feel free to massage it. It's only an inch or two from the vaginal opening, and it feels amazing.

8. We don't only get wet because of sexual arousal.

This one might shock both men and women: we can actually get wet due to fear as well.

9. Vaginas are self-cleaning.


It's true. Our bodies produce fluids that naturally clean our girl parts out and prevent infection. This means that we really shouldn't be washing our vaginas with soaps, or douching. Don't get weirded out if you don't see us scrubbing down there during a shower, OK?

10. Yes, we really do need to pee after sex.

Our vaginas are really close to our anuses, and our urethras are really close to the vaginal opening. Even the cleanest of women will have bacteria from our butts near our vaginas. That bacteria, plus sex, can be a bad combo for a UTI. The best way to avoid it is to pee after sex.

11. It's possible to get "stuck" in a woman.


It's called penis captivus in the medical world. This only happens with women if she has an orgasm that actually makes the ridges of in her vagina contract so hard that a guy gets stuck. It only lasts a couple of seconds, usually, and it's very rare. However, if you do get stuck in a girl, you should pat yourself on the shoulder. She was really enjoying her romp!

12. We're totally cool with giving you tips on how to pleasure our vaginas.

Every woman is a bit different, so ask.